View Full Version : American student to study in Europe after graduating high school?

12-12-2014, 10:21 AM
Hi. I've been wanting to become a doctor and work in the medical field for sometime. I have also been fascinated in Europe and European countries and have made the decision to leave the United States after graduating high school to attend medical school in there (and live there.) I have been reading a lot about it and found out some things that I had not known about before (that you go into medical school directly out of high school, for example.) Anyway, I would like to work in a Nordic country, with a particular interest in someplace I can take the classes in English. I am willing to learn the language before attending though, if that is needed. I have a few questions. How difficult is it to be accepted into some of these schools? How transferable is the degree around other European countries? How much will it cost (big concern, I don't come from an extremely wealthy family.)? At the beginning, Russia and Ukraine caught my eye to study because the schools were not very expensive, I could study in English, and they were respected (correct me if I am wrong.) But I sort of got rid of that idea after I learned that those degrees are not viable in the EU. So, any advice?

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