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08-12-2014, 12:03 PM
I'm 100% Canadian, that went to poland to study medicine at PUMS. I'm going into my 5/6th year at PUMS. I hold no European background or EU passport. These fives years in Europe have completely changed me. I want to live and work in Europe. I don't want to go back to Canada (it's pretty impossible for IMG's anyways). I don't want to go to the US. I have family in the UK, and I have made a lot of Norwegian friends. I want to work in the UK/Norway after I'm done. I'm starting to do my research. I'm still confused at how this going to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction (as in websites/ links that I can refer too). Is it possible without EU passport?

sandra jerome
08-13-2014, 03:35 AM
hI guru,are there good training usmle institutions that you know of in poland.Please send me links if possible

08-17-2014, 02:44 PM
Try to go for a Polish passport, maybe. Polish passport=window to EU

03-23-2015, 06:51 AM
2015 Alerts/Warnings: Study medicine / dentistry in Poland in English

Easy administrative entry but difficult bureaucratic exit.

Don't fall for it. Your diploma may not be valid in your country.

Do your research.

Most info/websites are biased: often written by the schools.

Find out if the diploma alone will be valid in your country before you embark to study in Poland.

As of 2015 - (1) your selected Polish medical school, (2) the Polish ministry of education/health, (3) the Regional Medical Chamber, (4) Centrum Egzaminˇw Medycznych (CEM) - are the entities you have to deal with to get a fully valid and recognized medical education from Poland.

The Polish medical school will simply get your money and award you a piece of paper, so-called "diploma" with a supplemental paper saying that it is not valid to work as physician/dentist without completing one year working as an assistant and passing Lekarski Egzamin Końcowy (LEK) or Lekarsko-Dentystyczny Egzamin Końcowy (LDEK)

You will study in English, but you must speak Polish fluently beyond graduation to validate your diploma in Poland.

The whole Polish system as a country is dysfunctional. People are still poor and don't want to give out anything to foreigners for a fair price. In other words, the persisting poverty causes the people to tolerate bribery.

Badly written English LEK/LDEK questions - and you keep re-paying the fee to retake the exams.

Despite several complaints, nothing is being done to address the problems with the English LEK/LDEK questions.

Instead, CEM blames the English graduates and the schools and carry on with the rip-off.

In 2012, CEM removes the Polish language requirement / limited licence for graduates who study medicine/dentsitry in English in Poland.

It still doesn't work - Poland's education budget continues to suffer from economic crisis.

So CEM uses English LEK/LDEK as a new source of revenue to organize the exams. Greater than 10000 polish graduates write the exam in Polish for free, compared 1000 English graduates writing the exam in English for 340 pln. Multiply 1000 x 2 (times/yr) x 10 yrs x 340=6.800,000.00 pln or ~2 million euros.

It sounds small for some people. But, as of 2015, the minimum wage in Poland is

1,750 PLN (~425 euros) per month


437.5 pln per week


87.5 pln per day.

So your 340 pln can pay full-time daily salary of ~4 people in Poland.

Forget about doing Polish internship.

It is anally complicated! - if you are not Polish and did not study in Polish.

If you are EU/EEA citizen:

Most states have removed the internship. Passing the final school exam and diploma entitle you to practice without restriction.

UK, Ireland, and Malta are the options for internships in English - HOWEVER - during the colonial centuries, the English Empire have stolen the resources of almost every country on the planet. Their former colonies, for example, India has 1.5 billion people -->The point is that competition is really high. You may not get internship there.

Your exit options to validate you English medical education from Poland is to compete with the locals and the people from former British colonies (India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, etc.)

The Scandinavian countries still have internship, but the available spots are primarily reserved for Scandinavian graduates who have studied in Scandinavia - as the scandinavian countries are planning to completely remove the internship and gradually shorten the education from 6 to 5 years and possibly to 4 years - as in the USA.

Currently in the USA, there are 2 pathways:

1-yr premed + (the new) three-year MD (3YMD) degree pathway = 4 years
1-yr premed + four-year MD (4YMD) degree pathway = 5 years

If you already have a degree confirming that you have already taken university level biology, chemistry, physics equal to premed credit hours; you skip premed.

If you EU/EEA citizen - Some EU/EEA countries allow you to go around the system by doing independent probation training before you can start specialist training.

If you non-EU/EEA citizen:

you will be in serious problem if you cannot get your country to recognize your diploma!

Some EU/EEA countries may not even want to recognize your diploma because you have not EU/EEA citizenship.

It is called "immigration & discrimination"

Depending on your country of residence -

In the end - you might end up spending 100000 euros for an education which has no value in your country.

If your Non-EU/EEA country does not recognize your diploma. You can keep on trying taking the English LEK/LDEK, but your chances of getting this supplemental document is very low - As some of the Polish entities mentioned above claimed that the reason for low passing rate is due the quality of the English education - and not due to problems in the English LEK/LDEK questions. CEM do not want to declassify the questions so examinees do not bombard them with affirmative actions.

So these institutions inform you in advance that you will be robbed, if you come to study medicine/dentistry in English in Poland

Alternately, try another EU/EEA country that do not have internship, where diploma = grant full access to registration with a licence to practise
a) some might offer you to repeat 3 years of medical school.
b) other may require you to repeat the entire medical education.

They will do this to you because you are not EU/EEA citizen.

Some EU/EEA countries may wave the requirement to repeat the education partly or completely - if you married to a national or EU/EEA citizen.

If they do recognize it - and don't have the internship system, you may be entitled to probation training.

Don't forget Language requirement!!!

Recently most EU/EEA countries raise language requirement from B2 to C2 level.

Some medical boards will not recognize your diploma without passing a language test at level C2

During interviews, employers often put more emphasis on the language than your medical qualification.

It is due to the fact they have a pile of geriatric patients, who often will not understand your foreign accent and you too cannot understand theirs and their local dialect.

In other words, you may not be able to find a job at all in EU/EEA countries with your English medical/dental education from Poland.

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