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07-12-2014, 10:21 AM
G'day. before i go to the main topic for this post id like to offer my background story and who I am. Im a male, Im 19 and this is my first year of University. although i was one of the best in my classes for some subjects and C+/B in my others, my ATAR was a horrible low score of 36.5 as a family member died during my exam periods and last year was the year that they education system decided to change the exams to once at the end of the year (ultimately your one and only chance to prove yourself) as oppose to mid year and end of year exams.

Due to my low ATAR i was only offered one course, a diploma of Nursing (thankfully) at a University best known for its quality grad nurses. at that time i wasn't sure what i wanted to become (but being doctor was always in my head) but i new it had to be in the field medicine/Health. I'm currently 6 months in this program and have done one placement session. but heres the thing. I've now absolutely no doubt in any organism within me that i want to be a Doctor. the knowledge they dish out in this course is not enough and it honestly kills me that we get taught so little. infact, it only feeds the fire within me to become a doctor even more. so after about 2 months of intimate every day research, I've constructed a plan on how i will get into med school. I need your advice, comments, criticism on this.

1 and a half years of Dip. of Nursing. (2014- mid 2015)
half a year of full-time working as a enrolled DIV 2 nurse. (mid 2015)
2 years of Bachelor of Nursing(2016 -2018) (Registered Prior learning for the first year)
1 year of Working as a DIV 1 nurse whilst studying for the GAMSAT at home and taking extra courses if needed. (2018 - march 2019).
Take the GAMSAT (march 2019).

note: i will be taking Biology, chemistry and Physics in my bachelor of nursing. (if not offered i will take courses whilst on my 1 year work as a RN/or on summer holidays).

ladies and gentlemen, of course i could just transfer into the bach. of Biomedicine when i get into my bach. of nursing but i feel like the B. of nursing allows me to reinforce what i learnt in the diploma such as IV's and medical terminology and so on which would give me a background into medicine before entering post grad med.

Time is of absolutely no concern to me. everything great takes time, all scholars study for the entirety of their lives, all meals are tastier when slow cooked this is the simple fact of life. and I, will not settle for anything less then to become a medical Doctor. Even if this doesn't work out, and I'm left with my bachelor of nursing, i will move to Turkey and go to a particular english medical school and do 6 years their. I'm am not fussed. I'm sorry if this was quite long, I'm just trying to transcribe my passion to you fellow readers to really illustrate my hungering for this.

one last comment, the main reason on me wanting to become a doctor, is the plain fact that once you finish med school and your internship, you are an embodiment of knowledge which focuses on the world within us. this is what i'd like to become, what i'd like to achieve.
Thank you.

07-16-2014, 07:17 PM
Complete the dip-nursing. As you say it is not meeting your needs and wants at this time, but upon completion you will likely have a few more options and doors that open including acceptance into a higher lever qualification if passing grades (GPA) are high enough.

One thing I'd say though, is, that you are doing a diploma level qualification, and while not taking anything away from that, if you do manage to get accepted into a bachelor of nursing program, you might find that the indepth knowledge and learning required (and that you seek) is rewarded at this level. Keeping in mind though that a BN degree is the beginning stepping stone in nursing, beyond that there are post-grad dip's and master degrees for specialisation within nursing, including NP. Something to consider just in case you cannot for whatever reason make it into a medical career, or your outlook changes mid career/studies.

The level and depth of knowledge required and expected of an EN is markedly different to that of a RN, as it is for a CNE, CNS, NP etc.

While I'm at it, nurses make a very valuable and much needed contribution to the heath care field, so please don't minimise the contribution and knowledge needed to be an expert nurse (you don't know what you don't know). Same can be said for medicine, and indeed all allied health care roles. No one role can exist without the support of others, as is true for many aspects of life.

Some individuals within any career, do the bare minimum of what's required to get by, while others do their absolute utmost to be the best they can be, to realise their own full potential. You write that you are frustrated that the current course is teaching you so little. So what's stopping you studying self directed style, more in-depth into a topic/subject?
After all at university the expectation is that a student will self direct their own learning. Indeed at higher qualification levels this is expected and makes up a significant majority of credit hours. You'll only get out of it what you put into it, in other words, you'll only harvest what you sow. Getting into the habit to undertake more in-depth self directed learning will develop a very worthwhile habit that will be needed and tested as you move onward and upward in your academic journey.

Keep an open mind while working and striving forward toward you goal all the while keeping an eye on the prize.
In terms of medicine and a career within it, there are changes afoot, and the path you visualise today may differ from the actual pathway you take to get there. Take your time, enjoy the journey and the process itself. There are other options when it comes to the ultimate decision about where to study medicine, and even how.

07-17-2014, 04:21 AM
thank you for the detailed response. :)
just thought id let you know, the DN I'm doing right now is at the university i plan to do the BN in and was told by the uni that after completion of the DN and with marks at a DI and above i could get in to my second year of BN. now the marks are very easy to acquire as the DN focuses on competency rather then your marks as long as you get above 65% generally.

but yes, you are absolutely correct and i try hard in this diploma as i know doing any less amount of studying is pointless especially outside of the hours of uni as it gives me quite an edge in comparison to the other, older class mates who already posses some knowledge. and i find it extremely satisfying to recall and connect the dots as we go through things in class. from what people i know have said, the BN will be quite hard when it comes to exams (as all generally are), and because this diploma allows me to go straight in the 2nd year of my BN, i really need to study after school so that I at least feel like I'm ready for it when i begin it.

Also i shared my story to a friend of mine who just completed his GAMSAT last year and scored 66 and actually just came back from his Pharm school in Western aus. He was offered med school in Adelaide as well. he told me exactly what you said. and that my plan is subject to change. but he said I can definitely attempt the GAMSAT and get good marks if i follow my plan strictly and try.

Nursing, i find to be a very interesting discipline. and i respect it very much. how ever i would rather be Doctor regardless. i hope i didn't give off the wrong idea that I've lost all interest in nursing. i really do love it. but theres a reason for that, its because this in someway will help me in med school (IVs and having experience in the workforce and environment). and i am driven to learn more outside of school hours to be the best at what I'm doing now as i really don't know how competitive medicine is but from the looks of it, its seems quite full on. so getting used to any form of competitiveness will hopefully help me in the future.

i would like to sincerely thank you so much for your time and efforts for this response, truly your words are like golden treasure to me and i will learn a lot from this. :) if theres anything else you would like to add please do.

07-23-2014, 10:21 AM
No problem, the only critique I have is that you should edit your use of the abbreviation 'DN' as on first reading I initially thought you were referring the Doctorate of Nursing and similar (DN, DNP). Then I realised that you indeed were referring to the DipN. There's a significant difference between the two.

With effort and concentration if you do well on the DipN, then you might indeed be fortunate in getting credit for the ist year of BN subjects for direct entry 2nd year of the BN.

For now, concentrate on the task at hand, the DipN. All the best.

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