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04-15-2014, 05:52 PM
I was a student there for one semester after which I left the school. I had all A' s and had no issues with getting the knowledge since I was teaching myself. At the time I was there, there were 6 teachers whose overall education was equal to one PhD, two doctors with revoked licenses with drug related issues, one that could speak a word of English, one being a second year medical school student that couldn't pass usmle, one that said was a doctor and taught by reading a book to students, one that was not even done with school that slept with students on numerous occasions. Speaking about sleeping with students this island is like a rabbit field. I heard that one student managed to sleep with the whole administration and even got to ceo's wife/girlfriend. Lol if the school is ran by a CEO that can even keep his wife to himself how will the school be like. ***** is a person full of lies and deceptions. He cares about the money and only money. He pays employees like crap, hires and fires people as soon as they find out the something is wrong with the school. I personally went to Chicago office and asked detail information about clinical sand rotations. Got a runaround and was stuck with an impression that no one has ever finished this school. You spent money for nothing and wasted your time. Take my advice if you are smart....go back go us or stay in us based on your situation, sit down redo your mcat and apply to us school. One and only safe stress free way of doing it.
Hopefully this helps and 100% of people that say good things about the school are either faculty members, mainly dr Jackson a guy that's so professional that has a wife and sleeps around with students for grades, or by students that get a famous student reimbursement by the CEO for spreading a good word about the school

wish you all the best in your studies

ohio state university school of medicine

04-15-2014, 09:51 PM
There seems to be 2 students, in residency.

04-16-2014, 10:58 AM
Mr/Mrs. Drlove
Its very easy to put false accusation on VMD. You just created an account calming to be our former student. Thats very easy too. I hope it would be that easy to put your name (since you mensioned other names in your post) or at least your student ID to verify your "information" because for the last 2 semesters we haven't had even one student finishing one semester and withdrawing from the school.
I can tell you some verified informaiton about CMU that currently has over 500 students, 2 in residency, over 30 graduated and in May another group finishing the MD program. If our professors are not even worth one PhD degree, how come they prepare students to take Step1 with over 78% passing rate??? You seem to know personal info of employees including their pay rate and private issues??? How come??? You visited our office after just one semester of MD program??? How come???
And now you are a student of one of the best medical schools in US but for 2017???? How come???

04-16-2014, 02:31 PM
Well it's also very easy for you to pretend to be a faculty or administrator. Well, which one are you since all the administrators are fired by now. There is no way I could know all of this if I wasn't at the school. I got good grades not because of your "great faculty" but because I studied on my own and the exams were a joke. Some questions were so silly that options were ridiculous. If you all train your students for usmle like that then I really feel proud. For the last semesters I have not had any students leave but for the previous ones a whole lot. Either they transferred to other schools like Avalon or went back to US. The way your admissions process works I am surprised that you are accredited or certified? Are you!? St James students that can't make it there come to you, lol you accept students without mcat scores and really don't care about their gpa. Like one person said to me while I was on the island....anyone who has not been in jail or convicted is ready to be accepted. Never heard of any school that would produce mods without the mcat. True fact. About your 78% pass rate so if you have two students in the residency that means only 2out of 3 got to the exam. It's so strange that school has been open since 2007 and only two in residency. Lol I know the time and the age of the school always blah blah on the topic. I wen to your office to see to get my refund for school I paid for but gave up on it after seeing what you all truly are. A scam in large proportions and taking money com people that really need better advising. I know the infor because I was in nice circles while I was at the island. It's easy how much info you get when you put on a sexy dress and get a drink or two with your CEO and other faculty members. Speaking about drinking lol everyone drinks there and uses drugs. So,I guess there is a pharmacology class after all. But hey good luck to you all and to answer your question how come am I student of OSCM....it is called studying on your own and redoing an mcat. Simple

04-16-2014, 05:25 PM
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04-16-2014, 09:28 PM
I've rotated with numerous CMU students in chicago and thought they were smart, hardworking students who would make excellent doctors. The problem with this school isn't the students its the terrible administration constantly lying about match numbers. Their website says.. CMU | Residency Match Program (http://www.cmumed.org/academics/residency.htm). Then the administrator says only 2/500 have matched thus far and the school has been open since 2007. all of you students deserve much more for the price you are paying to attend this school.

Side note: for the students struggling with pathology just watch pathoma videos. Super fast and easy to learn path and plenty of info to do well on USMLE1 and 2.

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