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04-12-2014, 01:00 PM
Volunteer clinical research psychiatry positions for foreign medical graduates interested in potential psychiatry residences and needing research -clinical experience. Clinical Research experience in psychopharmacology research at Nathan Kline Institute fo Psychiatric Research, in Orangeburg, NY, a leading New York state clinical psychiatric research facility, affiliated with New York Univ. Medical School. Many committed FMG=s, who are seriously committed to finding a residency in Psychiatry (not other fields), have found our experience useful and valuable for them in applying for residency. We have had FMG=s who completed our program get into psychiatry residencies across the country, although getting into a US residency is getting harder these days. One-year training commitment required. Full time ( 4-5-days/wk) and occasional part -time (3-4 days/wk.) positions available. Good command of written and spoken English required and word-processor or computer skills.. These are non-salaried positions; we do not sponsor visas; we do not offer housing. Full details in e-mail response I will send you..
CONTACT: Robert C. Smith MD, PhD. Research Professor of Psychiatry, NYU Medical school. contact him at h is nyu or nki email.

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