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04-02-2014, 06:15 PM
One of my main concerns about going to Hungary is getting exemptions. I have spoken to both Debrecen and Semmelwies university representatives. I asked them about exemptions, both Debrecen and Semmelwies said that I will be definitely exempted from entrance exam (I wasn't too worried about this anyway since the sample questions were like a joke) but none of them gave me a clear indication or a good answer when I asked about getting exempted from first year (since I have a bachelor's degree in science and I have taken all the first year courses in both university's curriculum).

The representative from Semmelweis said that I will need to go speak to all the professors individually and ask them personally about getting exempted from their course, and it is 100% up to them to grant me an exemption. She also said that regardless of previous education background, all students get admitted into first year.

The representative from Debrecen didn't seem to know much about this process, he mentioned that it will all be sorted out when I send in my application.

Can someone please tell me about how exemptions work for both universities? I don't want to waste an extra year going through all the subjects that I have already completed. I don't want to be fighting for exemptions, it should be something that is granted based on knowledge.

04-04-2014, 10:29 PM
As far as I know, everyone from our country who has a bachelor's degree in science started from the first year and does not get exemptions from Debrecen. ((Not sure if it applies to all countries.

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