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03-26-2014, 10:59 PM
I am not going to sugar coat it -every school has their issues. I am very happy with my decision to attend CMU. The level of academia has improved tremendously since I started. We now have over 260 students in basic sciences. We have a new 3D anatomy lab, we have amazing professors. The thing that drew me to this school versus any other medical school in the caribbean is that at CMU they actually care a bout you. You're not just a dollar sign here, you're a student and a person. The faculty and staff are very welcoming and accommodating. We have amazing professors, our new physical diagnosis class is preparing us for the next step in our medical careers; clinicals and for step 2 CS&CK. Its not a perfect school we have a bumps in the road... and my advice to anyone coming from the US to a caribbean medical school is to lower you expectations a bit. You will be pushed, you will learn and you will get your monies worth but never compare it to the states because its simply not and you're not paying american med school tuition. If you are a serious student and work hard you will thrive and you will succeed. CMU gives you all the resources necessary to become a doctor in the U.S., they are constantly working to better the school. :peace:

04-02-2014, 08:12 AM
As much as i agree with you, I'd like to point out that there is one course that you have to teach yourself, and that is pathology. The "professor" for pathology sounds like a rambling drunkard who has less than no idea what hes talking about. All the other professors are great, its just this one guy that makes a fool of the school in front of the students. The dean refuses to realize this, since he has his own unprofessionalism and personal marital problems to deal with.

04-03-2014, 07:43 AM
Thanks for posting this! I have been with CMU since 2012 and it has changed a LOT.... for the better! The best improvement was in academics. It's tougher but professors will not please everyone, and your leaning style and their teaching style may be different but it is still very good! As you said, it's not perfect but we're much better then before and other schools. I have close friends from other Caribbean schools to compare. Thanks Dr. J for the improvement!

04-03-2014, 08:04 AM
Hmm, you just seem spiteful. Sorry to say! I thought it was agains the terms naming people but I guess VMD picks and choose terms to enforce. Dr. T is one of the best. Yes, he could improve in a few points as he speaks fast and could better his pronounciation, like all others but he's knowledgeable and prepare us well for Path and is ready to help! students need to improve and get more serious. Some of my CMU friends taking review courses or tried the USMLE say that he knows well what he's doing, so just stop hating! We have some classmates that want to simply have it easy and he doesn't make it that way like Dr. K, or Dr. U, but they are great. I hear a lot of the complain because it's hard but that's what I feel proud about it and unfortunately Dr. J made changes and hire good professors to teach us that don't hand out grades, teach, and are not easy and for that I appreciate because I do my work and am not here for a free pass or vacation as many of my peers seem to be here for and they get upset with good professors. Serious stdents don't complain, fee stressed about studying but don;t complain about the quality of those professors. I don't necessarily like everything he does or decisions he make but Dr. J is very professional and serious about academics and CMU, feel people fee this strongly about it and work so hard and so long for it, we couldn't have a a better dean. At least he's not involved with students since back then when I first met him and he's a professor only. There are two new professors I don't know much but the metrosexual one has a ego too big for his height, try to be too popular to please students, should teach only his class instead of trying to teach other subjects (friends from his class said he teaches also Path--not his subject), has been involved with some students (rumors all over and he kissed one in public), kinda of jerk in class, arrogant, mean, and not sure why he still is there. He seems to teach a good class thoughbut if you mention professionalism then you have things the other way around, my friend. I think this guy should have been let go for those things but Dr. J may have other reasons to keep him or have no choice. He has said he teaches his class well when he received lots of complaints last semester about him. The newer one, I don't know much but he seems totalk/walk like a drunkard and want to become popular among students. Anyway it's not perfect but it's VERY GOOD! Dr. J is a private person so it's spiteful of you to mention something you may not even know and that is slandering. I've know him for a long time and haven't noticed any problems with him and even if there is personal it's nobody's business and it doesn't affect his decisions.
Gotta go, break over!

Anyone looking at a med school here should DEF stop by CMU!

04-03-2014, 11:46 AM
So let me get this straight, you condemn what i said about the personal life of the person, and yet you go on to do the same about another person, and yet have the ridiculous audacity to tell me what i said was wrong? Good job sir.
Back to the reality of the school, the pathology professor has more than just a few niggles in the way he teaches. There is no material in class from which he teaches, he recites the PASS notes over and over again, and if you ask him a question that goes off track from his recitation, he is like a deer in headlights. the professor of pathology doesn't have any slides. when asked how to study for his class he told a student to memorize the entire robbins pathology book. And lets not get started on his exams, he writes the most inane and ridiculous questions, in one of his exams, a question was half a page long and had nothing to do with pathology what so ever; in essence he put in a long and useless "distractor" not about medicine just to waste the students time. He is usually seen drunk walking around the parking lot, and the clarion, you can smell the alcohol on him.
As for the "Dean of academics" he is unprofessional, rude, and tries to be intimidating but comes off like a rude little child who has no toys to play with. He tries to bully students and other teachers, and fails to do so miserably.

But I wholeheartedly agree with that last statement of yours. CMU has the potential to be a great school, with the right guidance of course.

04-03-2014, 03:59 PM
No it's not the same because i didnt mention names or speculated/slandered and told only facts all of us heard last semester. your postiion not to acknowledge it as unprofessional as well is quite obvious by the way and telling to. You throw information that i'm positive you couldnt known because of the personal nature and its your opinion/specualtion because you don't like the persons. Second, having differences and problems with professors and administrators is one this but slandering and being this spiteful is another. What happend? didn't get your way? I really like CMU but we have a bunch of lazy students that want easy stuff and things given to them, skip courses,... I dont like all professors alike and admisnistrators but can respect their position and authority in their areas. Maybe you should go and teach since you seem to know the subject so well although still taking the class and you even know what is on the usmle test because you are so smart and know exactly what the questions are. Because you wnat him to do one way doesnt mean that he's not doing his job teaching; many students love him and the ones that left too and they are happy they had him to teach them. Yeah he may look strange could dress better and speak slower (for my preference) and he may give bad impressions but he is very nice and helpful inside/outside the classroom. If he's on his personal time drinking who cares? No ones business so get over it. maybe you can just spend more itme studying and doing ur part too as a student. many students complain beccause some are lazy, others have difficulties but don't complain that's the profs fault, they know their own limitations and are trying to be a doctor which is hard thing. As for the dean, he HAS imprvoed the school acadmeically with good professors and strict rules. some of them i discussed with him some of things i didn't like much but sitll have respect for him. Bully is an overused word with students that complain a lot and now enforcing things and authority, decisions is called bullying/intimidation. please grow up! Tehn you must also be a bully becasue youre supposed a student and making speculations of others in public forums like that. you're disrespectful and prollly has issues with authority and prolly iddn't get your way with something to be so hateful. I'm sure you could prolly administrate better as well because you seem to know everything include that he bullies other profs. Hmm...more and more i can almost tell who you are and who is buying you to say this things. Getting grades for it? lol wouldnt doubt it.
All serious schools have rules that student must accept and deal with. that's his job and he's dedicated to this school. I've know him since fall 12 and he's made better decisions than others before him. Therere ways to discuss differences witouth attacking character. I may not like much the other prof that got involved with students because its unprofessional of him to do that but i can admit that he can teach the subject even though i didn't do that good on his class , as i wanted, but that's on me, not him and i'm man enough to admit it.
Enough and done with this! I have important things to do like studying and being prepared.

Now, people out there considering a medical school, take a look at CMU. It is a good school depite my argument with this fellow. You need to see both sides. you should because we are getting better each semester and hopeful it will get to be one serious school (not get to easy with things) with a great reputation. Our profs/admins are not perfect but most a really good and most student are nice, respectful that i know or choose to be with as i don't like complainers like that. I recommend for you to stop by and see, talk to them and find out for yourself. It may be for you.

05-15-2014, 10:44 AM
whats the average living cost per year roughly? any ideas anyone?

05-16-2014, 05:56 PM
its about 300-400 a month plus accommodations depending which dorm complex you choose.

06-12-2014, 07:38 AM
It's about $6000 per year for food and personal things depending on your spending and needs. Things in the island r pricey. Like the other person mentioned,cmu offers 3 dorms with differnt prices. There's one that costs more bc you pay utilities. I have stayed at ab and clarion. Contact the school for details as they r helpful. they got better since two people that used to mess up were let go.

07-18-2014, 10:01 PM
To all My new CMU Colleagues:

There are numerous Grocery stores on the Island, even a store like COSTCO, its called GOISCO, perfect name right!
Grab a group of fellow class mates and you can buy bulk and save.

Depending on how often you run your A/C unit will decide how much your electricity will be - Pagatino (or the pay per service) can get pricey if your running it all day long, I learned to cool my room off when I got home in the evening after class and sleep with little bedding in the mild temperatures. Also try and get used to the warm breeze of an open window on the weekends, this can also save some cash.

Curacao after all is an Island, and the electricity comes from the generators used to desalinate the water you will drink and bathe in. Many islands and international countries have adopted this ingenious system.

Internet and TV, well I am sure you know what I can say about TV - But Internet, What medical student can olive without it right! Well you in luck, Curacao has many options to choose from, whether your a light email reader, or a monster movie streamer, they have your back!

If your arriving to the island, you may need some things, so keep in mind that Curacao follows an old Dutch tradition, most stores will be closed on Sunday, its a day the Queen set free to spend with Family, so make sure to pop in on a Friday if you can, you will want to sight see a bit and also get your bearings. PS. It never hurts to bring along a parent, the stores take USA cash or major credit cards - I used VISA and had no trouble on the island. It does have 2 Canadian Banks (RBC and CIBC) that will be used to tourist, as the Dutch banks are handled a bit differently.

But do not be worried, you will pick up island life in the matter of a few weeks, and be acclimatized to the heat and how much hydration you need in no time.

Remember in the beginning to travel in at least pairs until you are used to getting around. I was a good wandered and walked most of the Island, took the mini busses a few times as well. But all in all Curacao can be extremely affordable, you just have to be responsible and set yourself goals and limits.

Take care and feel free to ask any other questions.

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