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02-09-2014, 10:29 AM
I'm 25 years old so with that said its obvious I Dont have much time to fool around since I did already. I'm dying to attend med school, but since I didn't decide to do that sooner my chances to be accepted into a medical school here in the us are 0 to none.
I'm considering, and by considering I mean I'm completely sold into going to Unibe. Now I have done a lot of research and read more cons, than pros, but I decided to ask questions that pertain more to my personal situation and then judge based on that.

I'm Dominican born, but also a us citizen. Its hard to leave the us and move to Dr after the life that I'm used to here but no great achievements were obtain without some sort of sacrifice.
I want to know do you guys that moved to Dr for school just attend school or also work? My only type of financia support would be whatever I get approve from financial aided and loans. Can I survive based on that? Is med school too much studying to even consider getting a weekend job in the island?

What's the requirements for acceptance? I'm embarrassed to say but when I attended college here my GPA was up and down since I had two jobs it was chaos. I'm taking some science courses now and hopefully by next year 2015 it will increase from a 2.0 to something a little less terrifying. FYI I'm attending here a community college needless to say I didn't take the SATs or any other test, and will have an associates degree by the time I attend unibe if accepted.

Classes: although I speak Spanish perfectly, well not as perfect as someone who lived there their entire life, but it is pretty good. However, I Dont want to take the classes in Spanish because I'm not planning to practice in the DR and I do have to take all the parts here in English I prefer to learn everything in English it will save me the headaches of Learning again all the medical terminology.

Rotations: after two years and after taking part one would I be able to do my clinical rotations in the us? Does unibe gets involved when it comes to helping students get placement for rotations? After first rotation what follows?

Thank you very much in advance for all the input and anything you think that might be helpful to know please tell me. And yes my GPa its horrible but my state of mind its a lot different from when I was 16 and I'm determine and focused and I got my eyes on this and willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals!

07-08-2014, 06:58 PM
Please read the post: UNIBE Medical program

Sorry, I can't post links till I have 25 posts, lol.

Honestly, I'd tell you to stay away, but that's what the other post does. So I'll just answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

It's very difficult to hold a job while you're in the pre-med program not because of the intensity of the classes but because your schedule will usually be all over the place often attending class from the morning well into the evening. As far as when you're in med school, I wouldn't recommend it, but everyone is different, maybe you can handle a weekend job - but you've already experienced the chaos of working and studying, now imagine med school, in a foreign school, you better be sure not to let your education slip if you want a chance at getting back into the US.

The sub/unsub loans will barely cover your tuition now that it went up to $9,000. So don't count on that. If you can't get help from family or friends, then start looking at private loans if you're in pre-med or research the options for gradplus if you'll be transferring right into the med program. You can get by with gradplus, but it's credit based and not pretty much guaranteed unlike the sub/unsub.

You can take classes in spanish and pay a lot less than the english program. Down side? No federal US loans. Regardless of english or spanish, you will learn medical terminology in spanish as well as english. You are on a spanish speaking island and will be dealing with spanish speaking patients during rotations so you need to know what you're doing.

English course costs a lot more money, you'll be in a lot more debt, and guess what? Test are harder because they are literally taken from the spanish course and google translated into english - I kid you not. Please be aware that no matter how great google translate is, go test it out for yourself, not all things translate perfectly, even less when it comes to medicine.

Unibe will tell you that you can rotate out of the states and that they offer this service and that is a half truth. You CAN rotate out (you must be a top student), oh, and you'll end up paying somewhere around $500+ a week while you're rotating to the hospital and to UNIBE. Most of these US rotations are in Puerto Rico by the way. Honestly, the pretty much only positive thing about this school would be doing your rotations in the Dominican Republic as it will be very hands on. If you made it that far, don't leave for the only good thing the school offers.

-Good luck

07-08-2014, 08:26 PM
Rotations are non-existant there are "observerships" which is more useless than community service on your CV. NO UNIBE will not help you do anything in fact they will place obstacles on your education every opportunity they have.
These OBSERVERSHIPS, are awarded to top student's because there is a very limited capacity, that is because UNIBE is the only Carribbean Medical School on loans without rotations in the US set up as a regular part of their education.
They are absolutely convinced that you will be a better doctor going to a decrepit hospital in the Dominican Republic where you will learn how to do everything the Dominican way (inexpensive wrong way) instead of the correct way.

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