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02-07-2014, 12:53 PM
Hello everyone. I'm a current student studying medicine in Split and am writing this to help any prospective students in their decision-making process! I will be talking a lot more subjectively on this topic, the stydyng-process, and some general info with regards to my experience thus far.
The entrance exam
There is no entance exam and for my academic year 2013/2014 there were in total 50 places (eu&non-eu). Actually, there is the priority criteria mentioned on the website: candidates holding university degree or completed courses in biology/chemistry get accepted in the first round. However, most current students are simply high school graduates, only a few of them already have any collegework behind.
Thus I assume that this med school is far from beeing tough to get into.
Tution fee
7 000 Euro per year.
Teaching staff
Professors and assistants for main subjects like Histology, Biology and Anatomy, are definitely fluent in written English and many of them either get educated or did some research in the US/UK. However, many other lectures (Biophysics, for example) are run by unknowledgeable professors and as a result they are hard to understand, unorganized, often not corresponding to the curriculum.
Curriculum (which itself represents significant drawback)
Classes are held in blocks for each subject. For example, all November and Decemer we studied Histology and after Christmas there were Biophysics and Medical Biology afterwards. It's obligated to take the exam right after the end of each block. The number of free days for the intense exam-preparation is in proportion to the duration of the block to which it refers. Then come the 2nd and the 3d examination periods which are held in July and September respectively. It's allowed to participate in the exam 8 times and if a student still desn't pass, then he or she is kicked out.
Frankly speaking, this system represents a problem for me and for almost all of my colleges, since we are used to completly different educational system and often can not manage to meet these ridiculous deadlines.
We use the same books used internationally, just to give you an example, Moore's anatomy, Langman's for Embryology , Cooper's for Med. Biology and Junqueira's Histology.
Environment itself (small classes, facilities and yes, we have a big and new library with wi-fi access), early clinical experience (already had classes at hospital), cheaper tuition than in Polland or Chezh Republic.
the programm in english is quite new, since 2011. With this being a new course, sometimes things don't go smoothly enough. Me and my colleges already had a really tough time learning biophysics with the horrible book translated from Croatian into English by the professors themselves. As a result, more than 50 percent of student failed the first exam term.
Possible pros or cons (depends on how you look at it):
The majority of medical students are from Germany. Minor europeans include the UK, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain and, of course, Balkan block. Non-EU includes: USA, Canada, Iran and New Zeland.
The timetable is not intense, but coould be inconvenient. Really a lot of time is allocated to "self-study".
I've recently talked to 2nd year students and they say that a bunch of things has been improved comparing with their generation. I assume it will get even better in years to come.
Hope this helps. Any questions left?

04-14-2014, 11:00 AM
Hi, your post is very informative. Thanks.
I applied to the MD English program in Zagreb and waiting for a response. Can you tell any information that you have on the MD program at the university of Zagreb? such as curriculum, if it is possible to complete the 6 year program in 5 years if a candidate has a college degree, attrition rate, where the majority of students are from etc etc I know that MD program in Zagreb started a while back (compared to Split). Is there any racism in Croatia specifically in Zagreb? Thanks.

04-17-2014, 05:20 PM
such as curriculum, if it is possible to complete the 6 year program in 5 years if a candidate has a college degree, attrition rate, where the majority of students are from etc etc I know that MD program in Zagreb started a while back (compared to Split). Is there any racism in Croatia specifically in Zagreb? Thanks.
From what I've heard, Zagreb is a much better option. Actually, getting there was a primary goal of the Croatians who are currently studying with me. They made an entrance exam quite hard last year... However, the curriculum will still be different from what we are used to, e.g. they allow you to take only 4 classes or so at the same time. The majority of students in Zagreb is from Germany. I think it's possible to get a recognition of some courses and complete it in 5 years, athough requires a lot of paper-work. Usually it's easier with the courses like Biology and almost impossible with Physiology and Anatomy.

Is there any racism in Croatia specifically in Zagreb?
No, absolutely not. In fact, Croatians appeared to be surprisingly friendly to foreigners.

06-19-2014, 06:24 PM
Is it possible to transfer from Split University to Zagreb University after finishing 1st year in Medicine

06-21-2014, 04:10 PM
Is it possible to transfer from Split University to Zagreb University after finishing 1st year in Medicine

Yes, but you still need to do the entrance exam in Zagreb.

06-21-2014, 04:22 PM
Also I would like to mention here another disappointing fact about Split Medical school-- you are not allowed to see your exam (no matter if you fail or pass). For example, I've failed Biophysics by missing 2 points, but I can never learn from my mistakes since I'm not even allowed to see them. In fact, the school ignores the Bologna regulations. And how can anyone now be sure that the results are not falsified here?

11-23-2014, 06:58 PM
Hi! We are 3 guys studying the first year in poland! We are really interested in transferring to your school! Do you know if it is possible to transfer to the 2nd semester?



11-27-2014, 12:01 PM
Forcheta, you do make some valid points in this post but there a few that I would like to further comment on.
First, I feel like having a block system is rather convenient. As a student you get to focus your studies on the current subject being taught. With that being said it makes time management a little easier to handle. Imagine if we (yes I said we because your definitely someone in my class, I just haven't figured out who you are yet) had to take both Histo and Embryo with Biology for example; handling those two classes would easily burn us out before we made it to Anatomy. I do believe that some of these classes should be switched around. That is to say, for example, we should've taken Biology first before Histology and Embryology. Furthermore I have rarely heard anyone call our "deadlines" ridiculous.

Second, to be fair Biophysics was the only class where we were NOT allowed to look at our test. I will agree with you that the Biophysics course was "unorganized" but I think to call the professors "unknowledgeable" is a little unfair. They are respected scholars in their field of work, I think the best way to critique the department is their lack of proficiency in English.

Finally, I will agree with you that our biggest flaw as a school is the fact that we're still a relatively new program. With that being said of course there will be many problems with the academic foundation of the school. I vehemently believe that our school has the potential to be a respected institution, of course that will take some time.

If you do have any more suggestions about making the school better please talk to one of the representatives believe or not we do try our best to make this a better place :)

If any one else is reading this please feel free to contact ANY of the students we are more than happy to answer any of your question pertaining to the school!

03-06-2015, 04:17 PM
I am a student in jessenius faculty of medicine in slovakia (first year) and I have a few questions about the school and the city and application process.

1.TRANSFER - Is it possible to transfer to the second year, and how do you apply for transfer? Do you need to do the entrance exam and send them your grades?

2. ENTRANCE EXAM - When is the entrance exam (usually) and when can you start to apply to the school?

3. ACCOMMODATION- Is it easy to find an apartment in Split? For about 300-500 euro

4. EDUCATION - How is the organisation overall in the school? And do you have croatian language in the first years, is it mandatory? How is the teachers...do they care and have respect for the students....and do you really have 8 chances on exams? Thats a lot...here in Jessenius in Martin, Slovakia we have only 3 chances

Bashar Nassar
01-16-2016, 03:16 AM
am i able to get a scholarship in zagreb unvircity and how to get a scholarship ?!

07-16-2016, 11:48 AM
Okay, so I applied to the University of Split school of Medicine for the July 1 deadline. I was told by one of the admission officers that they would post the list of accepted students between the dates of July 8 and the 15th. It's already the 16th of July and I still don't see any list on their website! And I have not received any emails from them. Is anyone else confused??? Haha :confused:

07-21-2016, 04:46 AM
Hi, I also applied to medical studies in english in Split... Don't you think there are a lot of applicants this year? Anyway I am also confused, hope the results will be published soon.

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