View Full Version : Does pharmacodynamics of Ethinylestradiol+Drospirenone is influenced by isotretinon

Wojciech Ketrzynski
01-30-2014, 08:19 PM
Does pharmacodynamics of 0.02mg Ethinyl estradiol + 3mg Drospirenone contained in Oral Contraceptive Pills pills like Yasminelle(Yaz) while using 20mg isotretinoin (Axotret) is changed? Does isotretinoin weakens the OCP pill by any means in any situation or the efficacy of Yasminelle is the same regardless to isotretinoin.

I know about interaction between Yasminelle and Axotret towards increase of lipids.

I have done really big research(3 days till now) about this and found:
1. LINK WAS HERE and results could be translated: we discovered nothing.
2. No mentioning of interaction in German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices LINK WAS HERE
3. In polish Ministry of Health also I found nothing.

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