View Full Version : Ausom or iau or cmu

Hassini Krshna
01-23-2014, 07:17 AM
Hi, I am looking for sincere advise from students currently enrolled in these schools. I am confused about choosing the right school.
I am 32, already have a couple of degrees, and would like a school which will accommodate my age group. I want further information about schools and especially worried about clinical rotations and residency match.
Please assist me to make the right choice.
Based on your experiences - PLEASE HELP!
Thank you in advance.

01-29-2014, 03:02 PM
Age is just a number, and how many degrees you have doesn't really matter when u apply for medical school. I am biased in my opinion obviously coz I go to ausom....but just to let you know we have had students who have transferred from both the above mentioned schools you are considering....in to AUSOM.

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