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11-27-2013, 01:01 PM
Hi everyone! I read a lot of threads on VMD, but couldn't really get the appropriate answers, for the questions I'm looking for. I've visited Germany (as a tourist) many times.. the level of "life" (if you may call it this way) is very high. For 2 years, maybe more I have been thinking about studying medicine in Eastern Europe: Romania\Hungary\Latvia\Lithuania.... But visiting time after time wonderful Germany has made me want to try to study there. I know the first thing I have to consider is that studies there are in German.

Is it even possible, for an international student, that doesn't know any word in German except perhaps "goodbye" or "hello", to study the language well enough to learn extremely hard terminology, concepts, and everything related to medicine? Is it even a recommended option for international students? Or 6-year English program is better than that?

One more thing I wanted to find out about, is the Visa and immigrations issues. Say I've been accepted to a German university, medical faculty, and successfully graduated and passed the German license exam. Will I get German citizenship? or a passport? What will my legal status will be, regarding this issue?

Does anyone experienced the process of studying medicine in Germany, from day 1 of the German language course to the license exam?

Please, help and sound out your opinion! Thanks in advance!

11-27-2013, 05:16 PM
German med schools only teach in German, meaning you will need to master the language first if you want to apply there. I know several people who have done it, and I work with a few of them, but it is not necessarily easy... Rather depends on your language acquisition skills. There are university (and private) language programs that can help prepare you, at any rate.
You cannot naturalize as a German citizen until you have been there 8 years, and I do not know whether student time counts... It does not in some countries. Regardless, bear in mind that Germany does not allow dual citizenship when naturalizing, so if you became German you would be required to renounce your previously held citizenship. Legally, as long as you could get hired after graduation and could speak the language, and assuming you do not have immigration or legal issues, you could likely work in Germany as a doc anyway.
The German medical school training is 6 years (not including language prep). I would check out info on DAAD for more details about studying in Germany.

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