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11-10-2013, 10:10 PM
Hi guys , I really hope someone can help me out
I am a student attending ohio state university
i have been through a lot. Many obstacles came in my way of becoming a physician
but I just don't want to give up.
My first year in school was not great I didn't do well my first semester
but later on I had to move and went to another university away from many distractions and have received all As in biology (1 yr) , general chemistry (1yr) and physics(1yr)
however I got married and due to my culture and finances becoming a physician was not an option
i switched from biology to a world economy and business degree back at ohio state and I'm about to graduate next semester
i feel empty and I feel like I'm not living the life I have dreamed of living
I can just give up and surrender to marriage , chores, business,
or I can give becoming a doctor a try so at least I can tell myself I tried

sorry for the long story I just need help.
I don't have an mcat score and will not be taking it because I want to apply very soon

If my gpa is calculated from all the schools I've been through my overall would be a 3.2 or so and science a 3.4-3.5

also after that phase of thinking becoming a physician is impossible I still wanted something to do with healthcare so I did medical interpreting (I speak arabic and Spanish) for two years
I had great I mean great experience because I basically got to shadow doctors everyday and study their lives watching my dream from afar.
I interpreted for patients that are just getting check ups to a patient that was delivering a baby and I had to hold her leg with the nurse
I also did video interpreting which is more demanding and had to learn how to not get so attached to the patients on the screen that usually call you everyday. Some of them passed away, some survived long surgeries .. Some children some in hospice
I mean great experience

the thing is
I still don't have the mcat, probably will not have a score anytime soon, no organic chemistry

Getting accepted would mean a total change, a new life for me and I wouldn't mind that at all.

What do you think my chances are at Saba ,AUA? Or any other school that is not so strict about the mcat
is there a way I can just take the Ochem at one of those schools before I actually get into the MD program? Any schools that offer a year of provisional admission if not all requirements are met ?? Anything at all to help my situation??
i would really appreciate any help, i mean I am literally sending this while I'm handling a mountain of laundry .. Please reply
thank you

11-10-2013, 10:33 PM
Because you are married, I would highly recommend discussing this decision through with your spouse. This decision will greatly affect the both of you financially and emotionally. Be sure you have the support of your spouse, and you're not making this decision alone and without taking her into consideration.

You have no chance of getting into Saba as an American student without the MCATs since that is a requirement. AUA on the other hand, you might although I'm not certain if they are willing to overlook the lack of O-chem. I'm sure there are other schools who take your money, but those may not be the schools you want to attend.
Why not just complete O chem during the summer and apply for the Sept 2014 date. You'll save a lot of money, have more time to apply/research schools, and most importantly get your personal affairs in order.

Good luck

11-20-2013, 02:22 AM
When would you plan on attending medical school? If I am not mistaken I believe you can write the MCAT in early 2014 if you want to do it quickly

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