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11-09-2013, 04:28 PM
Hello, I have started a similar thread at UMHS but I think it would be worthwhile to get opinions from current St Martinus students as well. I am a transfer student from a US medical school and was recently accepted into UMHS for the 5th clinical semester. I was also accepted to St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine (SMUFOM) and they allowed me to transfer directly into 4th year, which was where I stand at my previous school. Can you guys please shed some light on how I should choose between the two schools? Thanks so much!

Pros: strong record of matching (list gets longer and longer since 2011, over 60 total have matched, 90% match rate in 2013), good rotations at a variety of hospitals, strong network of administration and support, widely known school, will hopefully get NY approval by 2015 when I apply for residency
Cons: need to repeat third year, limited financial aid (max $5,500 school loan per semester at 8%), twice as much debt (about $70K in tuition to complete MD, not including expenses)

Pros: can transfer directly into 4th year, institutional loan available to cover full cost of attendance (7.3% int), less debt (about $30K total in tuition), friendly staff
Cons: some licensing or residency limitations for not doing the last two years with school of graduation (I have confirmed that the state of IL requires the last two years with the school to be licensed), only one person applied but did match this year in a surgery residency in FL (SMUFOM posted about 20 or so who matched or is practicing on their website, their office said they are still trying to track down past graduates from the old administration), history of briefly closing in 2008 due to investment issues (but is now under new leadership, the person who matched this year was a direct clinical transfer after the school reopened so that is why they had so few students apply for the match this year), concerns with Indian medical board (misunderstanding?)

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