View Full Version : Questions about becoming a GP

10-06-2013, 02:00 AM
I am doing a career research project for my PLP class and have decided to look into the career of a General Practitioner. This project requires conducting an interview with someone in the career, so if you are a GP can you please answer the questions below. Thanks for your time.
1. What is your typical day like?
2. Was this your first career option?
3. What subjects did you do in year 12?
4. What university course did you do?
5. What do you enjoy most about this job?
6. What conditions do you work in?
7. How did you get your first job as a general practitioner?
8. Why did you decide to become a general practitioner?
9. What are the most important skills needed in this job?
10. How demanding is this job?
11. Do you have any tips for getting into this career?

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