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08-21-2013, 10:25 PM
******First off moderators this is not spam and I am a real Caribbean med student who is just trying to pass on an opportunity I have just gotten involved in. I dont know where else to post this since valuemd doesnt have a loan/financial section. So If I need to move this or edit it please let me know before deleting this. *******

So this might be a bit long because I want to explain everything and don't want people to assume its a scam. So just read through this and I guarantee you that you will have nothing to lose.

So I am currently a Caribbean medical student in rotations and I am actually sitting in the medical library right now, supposed to be studying for step 2 as I write this. The reason for this post is to simply share a new venture I have found online for making money. Ill get to that in a minute, and no this isn’t a scam.

I know that allot of Caribbean med students stress about money, including me. Since allot of the smaller schools lost their loans ie.. TERI, money is tight and every little bit helps. So like many people I started to look for ways to get student loans and earn some extra money while in medical school. I wasn't thrilled on getting into further debt and unnecessarily getting more loans, even though it is a very viable option. But one thing I have realized in life is that if you want something you have to focus on it. So I started to focus on making money to help pay for living costs and expenses. First thing that comes to mind is hey, Ill just look around and get a part time job, mostly weekends. That however proved difficult since med students schedule's always change. Also with most part time jobs that I found I wasn’t being paid that much and at that point I asked myself is the time spent making a few dollars an hour worth the time taken away from studying, particular for step 2, probably not.

So here is the program. The jist of it is that fortune 500 companies are always looking for people to try out their products and advertise for them. Some of the companies are free credit report.com, walmart, target, etc.. When you initially sign up for the program you do 2-3 free or paid trials ONE TIME. Completing a trial takes a few minutes. Most of the trials are free and a few cost money, a few dollars at the most. Again its your choice which trials to complete. I ended up doing one for free and spent 4 dollars on another one because I liked the offer. And remember its a one time thing, once you complete your offer you re done for life.

Once you have completed the free trials you receive a credit for life and simply pass on the advertisement to other people that you know, thats it. The reason this works is because you are in a sense advertising for a company and in return you get a profit for doing so. Remember these companies have millions of dollars to advertise so paying YOU 20-30$ to advertise is nothing for them. Not only that they know a few people will actually sign up for the trial offers and keep them. And before anybody asks, THIS IS NOT AN MLM. (For those not familiar with that term its "multi level marketing" ie.. you sign up a bunch of people and then they sign up people and so on, so that the person on the top makes a piece off everyone at the bottom.)

You make as much or as little money based on how much advertising you do. So this is not a get rich quick scheme because if you don't advertise you wont make allot. On the other hand if you spend 30-40min a day you can make a good chunk of change. The reason this would be good for you is that you can do it from home and all you need is an internet connection. So for example no matter what rotations you are bouncing around too, you can still make some money. Now this is not going to make you a millionaire but people often make 1,000-2,0000$ a month with work. That bit of money can cover living expenses, food, gas etc.. If you put in some time this system works.

Damn, that was long, lol. I can get into specific's for anybody who wants to know more. But really you have absolutely nothing to lose so do yourself a favor and check out the link below(ENJOYWEALTH). My personal email address is listed and I use that email specifically for this business. So please feel free to email me anytime with any questions and I will try to get back to you within 1 day. IM core is busy but I will do my best to help anyone I can.

Enjoywealth (http://www.ibourl.net/enjoywealth)

[email protected]

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Long winded SCAM! Please remove moderators

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