View Full Version : Advice wanted on transitioning to Med School

07-27-2013, 09:26 AM
Hello. I'm looking to transition to med school, and, if possible, take anything that is pre-required along a general course (if that's possible). My circumstances are as follows: very strong undergraduate degree in the humanities (3.6 overall, 3.9 in the major, numerous academic honors, thesis, etc., etc., from a competitive private American school), but I did not complete much in terms of the sciences-hence no pre-med courses to speak of (though I did, prior to college, do very well in the sciences, if not in math). I'm a bit on the old side-late 20s. I would like to have to go to school in Europe preferably, as I would prefer to find some way around staying state side. Language skills: intermediate German, some Danish, basic Russian (and I read Greek characters as well, for what that's worth). Is there a 5 or 6 year program I can jump into that can enable me to make up the differences (as I am a successful student)?

Its also probably worth mentioning: (1) I've already talked to some Eastern European schools and gotten some feedback (Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc.) and interest already (6 year obviously-I also talked to Ireland but that's longer away). I'm also in the process of obtaining EU citizenship (descent). So its not so much 'how do I stay in Europe thread' as 'what is the best way to go about it, provided you already have the papers to stay' thread. And obviously which schools to avoid, which to go to and so on. I could use your help in particular Devildoc. I'm more interested in quality of education than anything else-I don't want to be a doctor for the sake of money.

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