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05-20-2013, 05:58 PM
hey guys. I am a british student in 3rd year of the dentistry program in Iasi. I help students settle down in the city. I receive them at the airport, show them around the city, help them get accomodation, open a bank account, sim card etc.

I have a friend who is an estate agent. He found me a very good apartment and then again for another friend in my class so I asked him to keep a few apartments for any new students. If you want more info please just private message me (dont reply on here as I only get email notification if you pm me), tell me what you are coming here to study, what type of apartment you are looking for etc and I will ask the Stefan (the estate agent) to look for such place and keep them for you to see.

Use this as a general guide. Prices will change depending on where you are in the city and the time of the year!!!

Studio apartment: 100-150 euros/month
1 room apartment: 130-180 euros/month
2 room apartment: 200-300 euros/month
3 room apartment: 250-350 euros/month
3 room house - 300-400 euros/month
4 room house - 350+ euros/month

- In Romania, when I say number of rooms, I mean the number of rooms apart from kitchen and toilet. Living room is not advertised as separate! So a 3 room apartment is really 2 bedrooms and 1 living room (but you can convert it into bedroom if you want to share)
- Prices exclude bills (gas, electricity), internet, maintainence (garbage disposal, cleaning of flat block, postal service etc)
- Obviously if you share an apartment the cost divided by 2,3,4 etc
- You can negotiate a lot if you pay in advance. I live in a 2 room apartment (1 bedroom + living room!). My landlady wanted 250 euros a month. I went down to 190 on the condition that I pay the whole years rent in one payment at the beginning! After a few days she went up to 200 but it was a good deal. This means I save 50 euros every week and will save a total of 600 euros through the year!

These prices are for IASI. For Bucharest and Cluj you will pay slightly more. The rest are same price or slightly cheaper. If you are going to study in another city then tell me. I will contact other students from there and hopefully theyll sort you out!

Thanks for reading guys

Hope I can help![/COLOR]

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