View Full Version : Is St. Martinus University actually approved by the Medical Council of India?

02-27-2013, 03:14 PM
The school's website says it is, but I found this on the Medical Council of India's website (from September 17, 2012):

"...the MCI may be allowed not to issue eligibility certificate in respect of St. Martinus University, Faculty of Medicine, Curacao...in view of the fact that the Govt. of Curacao does not issue authenticity form for the medical degrees of offshore institutions/entity operating in their country. Subject to approval of this proposal by the Ministry of Health & F.W., the MCI will stop issuing eligibility certificate from prospective effect."

Link: mciindia.org/meetings/BOG/2012/September/Minutes_BOG_17.09.2012.pdf#page=5

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