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11-30-2012, 12:27 PM
This man stole my money and I cannot do anything about it!

I went to police and many other authorities in Antigua BUT

There is NO WAY to get my money back!

I just want to warn you! Be careful and protect yourself

I received recommendation from the security guards to rent from Mr. Leon Shannon of Right Way Driving School.

Mr. Leon Shanon looked like a decent man when I met him; I rented a car from him for a semester. Just like a normal US style transaction, we made an agreement for 300 US dollars a month to rent the vehicle and then I paid him a deposit of 50 dollars US. The agreement entailed him fixing any and all problems with the vehicle when they arise.

Unfortunately, problems started from the first week I had the car, due to old worn out tires that went flat, stranding me on multiple occasions and stalling while driving it due to mechanical dysfunctions. In short, the car became useless and unreliable.

During this entire time, we ([shawn carlson] and [Ellie E.]) would call and tell Mr. Shannon of the mechanical problems and he would say that he “fixed” the problem. Ultimately we returned the car and asked for our rent back for the car.

After 12 days, we finally became fed up with constantly being hung up on while calling him and him never being around at his office. Their favorite game they like to play is his daughter answers the office phone and says to call the dad Leon Shannon, and IF Leon answers he says to call the front office and immediately hangs up and does not answers any further calls.

We became so frustrated that we called the Better Business Bureau of Antigua and the police department. Unfortunately they could do nothing for us but offered to mediate a meeting between us.

In that meeting he indicated that there is a no-refund policy for any rental fees and indicated that he would return the deposit money. Ultimately, since he did not return the money, we had either the choice of taking the rental deposit or keeping the car. Either way was a loose for us.

We gave him the benefit of the doubt and ended up keeping the car until November 7 of 2012. On that day Mr. Shannon picked up the car and indicated that the car was fine to Ellie.

For 23 days (today November 30 2012) the same exact game occurred again.
We again called him multiple, multiple times asking for the rental deposit back. I even have stopped at the office on three different occasions speaking to his inept daughter.

Today when I stopped there for the final time she handed me a copy of a bill for charges to the vehicle claiming that I owe him $195 ec for damaging the rims on the vehicle, a vehicle he claimed was fine and at NO POINT over the last 23 days indicated any problems with.

I would not normally go though the trouble of notifying other people for such a small amount of money but the amount of trouble Leon Shannon of Right Way Driving School has Caused us, warrants us to WARN OTHERS ABOUT HIM.

Please be careful and DO NOT rent anything from him. He looks like an honest man BUT his real business is to steal student and tourist’s money. Do NOT do any business with the Shannon family of Antigua or anyone affiliated with them. You will loose your money and become greatly frustrated in the process.

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