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11-29-2012, 03:09 PM
Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery
The University of Buckingham, in conjunction with Leicester Dental Teaching Academy, is set to deliver the first dental programme of its kind here in the UK.
Unlike other dental schools in the UK, our programme will be the only one conforming to the new GDC and EU standards introduced earlier this year. This means delivering the new programme 5 years ahead of other UK and US dental schools. The benefits of our dentistry programme include:
• Newly furnished and fully equipped academy
• Latest technology such as intra-oral cameras
• Modern computerised simulation equipment
• Largest regional dental drop-in service where students will work in real life situations
• Latest iPad based portfolio system recording evidence of procedures -removing the need for written testimonials
• Applied IT skills for Dental Practice
• Guaranteed student accommodation for years 1, 4 and 5
• No international caps
• Direct applications
In addition to a recognised dental qualification, students will gain grounding in business enterprise and management – these are key skills entrepreneurs and business owners need to successfully run their own consultancies and clinics.
Students will also receive access to the following specialist subjects:
• Pre-clinical Studies (Diploma)
• Radiography (Diploma)
• Social and Cultural Studies (Diploma)
• Business Studies (Diploma)
• Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS) with Royal College of Surgeons

Harry Lloyd
07-12-2013, 04:35 AM
UK is going good in dental business and many graduates are coming from there with good qualification. I like the information that you shared over here and the points that you discussed over here are good for learning. It is good practice that University of Buckingham is adopting for learning.

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