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11-08-2012, 06:59 AM
Hello, forum members.

My name is Milana Grade and I'm working in a team of Medical Assistant Salary Data dot org.

We are planning to make our website the BEST ultimate resource on medical assisting. We added information on salaries but really want to expand.

So we are actively looking for real experienced medical assistants to interview.

Interviews will be in text format through email. We are going to focus efforts on 2 topics:
1) Salary (what is a starting salary, how much you earn today and etc.)
2) Job and career (description of job, skills required etc.)

The whole idea is to provide people who are thinking about medical assistant career with advices, information and tips from REAL medical assistants.

So, if you are an active working medical assistant and want to contribute and share your experience with the world, please, be so kind and contact us sending a private message on this forum!

Or you can just reply in the thread.

Thank you.

Milana Grade

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