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09-26-2012, 04:20 PM
As a student of an eastern european 6yr MD program, I have been doing well until the end of the second year.
I posted this in the general forum, but then found this section, so here it is again.

On the third year, I participated in an exchange program, and things went sour when, halfway into fourth year, I received my exchange grades and wouldnt receive credit.

I have since spent last year redoing a whole a neuro anatomy course from 2nd year due to a missing exams. This year, I would have to redo all of third year.

2008-2009 second year
2009-2010 Exchange
2010-2011 half of fourth year
2011-2012 ONE neuro anatomy course
2012-2013 third year

Will it be impossible for me to match into a residency anywhere?
Right now, I believe my only option is FM in Quebec (as a canadian citizen fluent in french) and even at that, I have my doubts.

09-26-2012, 08:43 PM
That stinks about the exchange credit. I am assuming the exchange was not completed through ERASMUS? (If it was, then you have a case to bring to the EU, as credit should be guaranteed.) If you did not use ERASMUS, then it appears you are at the whim of your school, which is a terrible place to be in the E-EU.

As long as you complete the degree you should still have a chance at matching in the States, assuming your board scores are good and you can interview well. Unfortunately, the Canadian match for IMGs (even for Canadian nationals) is incredibly tight. The numbers are very slim for all specialties including FM, I would recommend reviewing them thoroughly before you make your decision. I have a Canadian classmate with strong USMLE scores, and she is applying for residency programs in the US (higher match rate for IMGs than in Canada) even though she wants to work in Canada thereafter. Her chances are better in the States.

Remember, however, that the US match will be getting harder every year because of the increasing numbers of US graduates, meaning that within the coming 3-4 years things could become very tight indeed... especially since you would be needing a visa for a US residency. Even then, though, I'm guessing that the IMG match numbers for the US could remain higher than Canada's.

Aside from that, with an EU diploma there could be some EU options for you. It's hard in French speaking countries without an EU passport, but look at your options there, as well. Good luck!

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