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09-04-2012, 09:18 PM
I'm a former student of the island and am posting about vacancies for the mostly computer illiterate (yet very sweet and kind) landlord.

I lived two places while I was in Aruba and had I found this place first, it would have only been one.

The apartments are in a gated development which you need an electronic clicker to get into which means it's very very safe. plenty of room for parking. I believe there are two one bedrooms for $500 a month each. a very large 2 story one bedroom for $650/month. and a two bedroom for $900 if I remember correctly. (all the prices are US)

all those prices are not including utilities which is standard for the island. they all have their own meters so you never are paying for anyones usage but your own. also the apartments are extremely well made which is very hard to find on the island.

I heard a rumor that the campus moved from where it was when I went there, so it's about a 7 minute drive to the new campus and it's close to grocery stores as well.

the landlord is very nice but speaks mainly spanish and italian his english is good enough when you add gestures. he's great with cars, knows everyone worth knowing on the island and is an invaluable resource to newcomers. He's also very generous with rides to the airport and getting things fixed promptly.

really these are amazing apts and I was lucky to find them when I was there, hopefully you will enjoy them too. first come first serve, email me at wolf 02 at gmail with any questions

09-17-2012, 01:14 AM
Wherever you live DO NOT rent from a man named Arturo Brunelli in Noord. He is the landlord of the apartments Wolf02 is talking about. I also lived there (because of her recommendations) and though he was very nice and helpful to me and my neighbors, it was all part of his game to rip us off. He was overcharging all of us in rent and utilities (more than double). Unlike most landlord-tenant agreements where the owner pays for maintenance, he charges YOU for repairs to anything that breaks or needs repair/cleaning ($130 every 3 months to "clean" the air conditioner, a job that most locals pay $35 for). The utilities are in his name and he refused to show us the actual bill, rather he would make up his own numbers. My neighbor and I went to the electric & water companies and found out what the real rates were. When we questioned him about it, he tried for almost 2 hours to explain away the discrepancies between what he was charging and what the companies were charging before finally agreeing to reimburse me and my neighbor the difference ($500 EACH). He then tried to blame the errors on his "accountant". If you saw the invoices he gave us, you would know right away that they weren't prepared by a professional, but rather by someone who is "mostly computer illiterate". The day I moved out, he essentially stole my $1200 deposit by drumming up hundreds of dollars in bogus charges/fees. I actually called the police on him. They wrote a police report and told me that this wasn't the first or second time someone had complained about him. We trusted this man and he took advantage of everyone living there. "Amazing" apartments??? NOT in my opinion, but I guess tastes differ... The only good thing is there is hot water but the apartments are old, bugs/lizards are a constant problem. Yes, he'll give you a ride to the airport, but he'll also use your car during breaks and never put gas in it. There are much better, CLEANER places to live on the island for the same amount of money. My best advice: arrive 7-10 days before orientation and look for apartments. Do what research you can online, but check it out in-person before agreeing to a lease or sending a deposit.

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