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08-22-2012, 09:38 AM
​It is not surprising to hear from one of the recent kids-family movie character said, "Yes! I am a blood sucking lawyer, all I need now is a brief case". In as much as it might sound funny, this is a reflection of the society in crisis filled with venomous, desperate influences/screams.

1. More than 86% of lawsuits on planet earth are north america based. What does this tell us? Go figure!

2. It is alter rubbish! I repeat, alter rubbish! For us to think that when students of a given medical school access information live lectures from their university blackboard portal, it is of less value than sitting in a class owned by some blood sucking entity surrounded by brief cased socially irresponsible lawyers--Who think by destroying competitive threats they preserve their perceived imaginary bottom lines.

3. IUHS's lectures are live blackboard lectures. I have personally investigated on this. The professors are USA based. Most of them are not just PhD holders, they are PhD and Fellows. These will also be your preceptors when you go to do your clinical rotations in USA.

Stop lying and propagating rubbish or desperation. "If we can get them to stop taking USMLE then we can manage to stop them". USMLE is a standardize exam intended to measure your knowledge base. If you truly believe that you have a better know ledge base than someone else, just perform better than your competitor and shut-up intend of trying to use 'our legal & legitimate institutions' to perform drama in courtroom & pervert our institutions. Human beings are not scavengers, therefore let us all thrive in a healthy way. DON'T ride on our institutions to perform dirty drama. The rules are clear! If you believe you know and have the right knowledge base perform in the exam. Period!. If we do not believe in the exam's capability to measure the knowledge base, then stop using them, and then use the courtrooms to perform the dirty drama--simple!

Why do we claim to be civilized yet our intentions are ridden with uncivil actions. Social activism is intended to educate the public to make informed decisions. It is not intended to be used as a ploy to quash those that we fill threaten our capability to CONTROL others and who gets what in society. Maintaining deprivation and control of physician supply to further agendas is NOT going to happen.

IUHS, UHSA, Windsor and many other models are legitimate and brilliant models to medical education. These are the models that will become the models of education that ALL countries rich or poor can emulate!!! These models are not imperialistic. They are the next generation models of education that if developed countries cannot accept, then the 85% of the world will assimilate, if they want to better there communities/societies. Mark these words today! Aug. 22, 2012. The time is long gone for imperialism of maintaing repressive status quo by manipulating the uninformed masses. The sons and daughters of all those that will benefit from such paradigm shift will carry this change to the next level...

4. Politics of medical education:
It is true when you educate people, then they become the authors of their destiny. The problem with this, I mean medicine educated masses, is: Suppose for argument's sake, you want to control world population thru some form of eugenics! For instance design corn grain that eaten--it will lower fertility and lender masses infertile. It follows that if we do not control who becomes a physician, we stand no chance to practice such eugenics, the masses will have many medical doctors that can TRULY advocate for their society. Hence, prevent population control thru eugenics of the unsuspecting victims of society. Hence, CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL! Thru social activism before masses become truly informed, under the pretext of protecting society with imaginary quality control--a referential opec.

Cut it!!!

Magen-MD, smells them from a distance!

(Guess what, I was having problems even to post this...)

08-22-2012, 10:28 AM

Today I had a strange encounter when I went for a bicycle ride with my three boys. The four of us, were in the right lane of the trail. When suddenly there came a woman riding at a full speed. She rang the bell of her bike, as she came behind us. The children heard the bell and "kept right"! We figured that she only wanted to make her presence known, just in case the six year old decided to move to the left passing lane.

Then I heard her screaming at my son, "YOU HAVE TO SHARE THE TRAIL!!!" as she zoomed past my youngest son. The kid stopped at an intersection, looked at me and said, "what was I supposed to do dad?"

I then said to my son, "You did just fine..." With a big smile:D. I then continued to give my son a perspective, to avoid leaving him in confusion.--' if I did just fine why did the lady scream at me..'?

I said to my son, "you did fine because you stayed in your lane. ii) Her ringing the bell was to make her presence known...NOT to get you off the train into the woods. You already knew that and that is why you did not move off the trail. iii) The left lane is for passing, she had it open to her and there were no oncoming cyclists. iv) In the event that there were oncoming cyclists, the only sensible thing for her to do would be to stay behind you (this is what drivers do too), then pass when the left lane is free...

v) She has a wrong sense of sharing. With traffic, the right of way is given to you, you never butt your way through! Sharing can only mean sharing. It does not mean grabbing things from people by force. Things that don't even belong to oneself. Her sense of sharing means grabbing things from others. WRONG! Nasty attitude! Primitive and uncivil.

Things get worse, when legitimate institutions are perverted by humans such as this woman! Can you imagine her being a judge of the court of law, Or being a corporate CEO, or a police officer or having any position of influence... You are guaranteed to get society crying and so many people become unsuspecting victims of their ploy!



Inform yourselves, don't be unsuspecting victims!

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