View Full Version : Is it ok to take vitamin b complex with doxycyline any effects/ interactions

08-11-2012, 01:43 AM
im wondering if its ok to take vitamin b complex with doxycycline. because one site says Vitamin B complex impairs the efforts of the tetracycline-based antibiotic to kill the source of the infection. and i think doxycyline is a tetracycline.
Can I Take Vitamins If I Am Taking Antibiotics? | LIVESTRONG.COM - this is the link but i had to unlink to send it
but on the packet it only says do not take antacids, iron or calcium supplements within 2 hours of each dose of this medicine. its says nothing about vitamin b complex thats why im confused.
Another site also stated a side effect by which patients dont repsond to typical medication for acnea rosacea due to the vitamin b complex intake. and im taking doxycycline for acnea rosacea.
Some surprising information on vitamin B12 side effects - Does B12regulate Periods - this is the link but i had to unlink to send it
there are also many other sites that say you shouldnt take vitamin b complex with doxycycline search the phrase "vitamin b complex with tertacylcline" in google since its a tetracycline.

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