View Full Version : Looking for a roommate!(Pecs)

08-01-2012, 08:49 AM
Looking for a clean responsible person to share an apartment with, doing so allows you to rent a better place for less. Im also interested in doing this
because studying becomes so much easier, its no secret that the M.D programme or similar can be very demanding towards the exam periods and living
by yourself makes things only 10 times harder than what it has to be.

About myself i can say that im a Norwegian 20 year old whos currenty working in the Norwegian Coastguard as a medical assistant, I am half Norwegian/Nigerian of ethnicity.
This is my 1st semester at POTE. Im 6`23 foot tall just so that my height doesnt surprise you!

I really hope I can find someone here with the same intentions and motivation as myself, so do not hesitate with contacting me on the post or on my e-mail aleksander_vedvik a hotmail.com

NB: Its required that youre male.

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