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07-29-2012, 10:53 AM
Good day ladies and gentlemen i am thunder bolt,Norbert is my real name i am from Nigeria in west Africa and in Nigeria we have 6 years of primary s after when completed one is promoted to secondary school then we have 6 years of secondary school after which one is promoted to the university.On September 2012 this year i enter ss3 the last year of my secondary school before i go to the university God willingly and i was thinking of studying medicine i am sure that i want to study medicine and in Ukraine or any very good country with excellent medical education in the country so can you guys please direct me and tell me what to do can you please recommend me to top 1st class Ukraine medical universities irrespective of the cost or language and anyone in Europe can you talk me through the process the requirements.What do i need to gain admission i plan on writing WAEC,NECO,IGSCE,JAMB as my final exams and can you tell me the grades i must get to make the mark cut off.Also if i can get any Nigeria input or any which has studied or is studying abroad it would be much appreciated.Can you also tell me how many years medicine takes to study in Ukraine and in Europe.Would those exams i plan to write when my final years ends be enough??Thank you and God Bless.

MS Advisors
08-02-2012, 11:28 AM
Hi Thunderbolt!

First of, congratulations on having such a clear vision for your career. It all begins with your vision.

I'll have a quick go at answering some of your questions...

- WAEC & NECO are the most recognized qualifications from Nigeria. The problem with WAEC is that it takes a long time to receive the official certificate which is often a requirement. So it's really good that you are planning on writing finals under different examination bodies.
- Focus on a science based qualification, i.e Physics, Bio and Chem. Bio and Chem are often sufficient to apply to most medical schools.
- Apply as early as possible, but make sure you have all your documents first. The most important being your high school certificate. Meanwhile (as in now) apply for a passport if you have not already done so.
- Visit the embassy of the country you wish to study in and make enquiries. We run a consultancy that places students in Romania and we have had numerous issues with our Nigerian clients trying to get visas. The best thing to do is visit the embassy early and let get to know you. Ask questions and be cordial.
- Most European schools offer a 6 year program. I believe some Czec & Polish universities have shorter programs aimed more for North American applicants who would normally go to the Caribbean.

All the best with your adventure! Being an African myself, I can only say good things about travelling through Europe, in particular Eastern Europe.

08-06-2012, 02:56 PM
Thank you any more information would be helpful but please specialize on mainly studying medicine in England and Ukraine as that is where i set my sights on studying.

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