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07-26-2012, 02:54 AM
NOPREP Veneers, Technical Point of View

(http://cappmea.com/aesthetic2012/dt_session.html)(Dental Technicians Parallel Session at the 4th DFCIC) (http://www.cappmea.com/aesthetic2012/dt_session.html)

Aiham Farah, CDT

Dental aesthetic is about much more than optimizing the dentition. It's about how a beautiful smile can enhance your personality, presence and charisma. Many people hesitate to consult a dentist about cosmetic dentistry due to a previous painful experience, now the NOPrep veneers are what we call an absolute painless dental aesthetic, because it requires no reduction of tooth structure and no shots of aesthetic. In addition to the fact that we have materials and techniques available to us that eliminates the need to prep. But never to forget that every technique has its limitations, what are those limitations? Where is the (added veneers concept) from all that? To prep or not to prep? Here is the key answer.

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