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07-04-2012, 10:40 AM
Hi there,
i'm planning to study Medicine in English somewhere in eastern Europe due to the low admission prices. I am originaly from Italy but lived in Israel for most of my life.
I have read ALOT about Odessa,Ukraine and almost made up my mind to study there, however recently i have come across new possibility. Moldova.
Moldova State University of Medicine and Pharmacy (usmf.md) is ranked higher than Odessa National Medical University.Yet, i'm not sure why not many talk about it. As it is located in the Capital or Moldova, Chisinau. And i believe that Moldova is less dangerous than Ukraine, and have read that the Accommodations in Odessa's Medical University are a nightmare. I got no clue how it is in Moldova but don't expect worst than what i have read about Ukraine.

Another Question related to this topic, if i finish my Medicine studies in eastern Europe, will i be able to continue my specialty in US or EU countries?
will it be easy to find a job and will it be considered like obtaining a degree from a EU country?

Edit: Since i posted I have continued reading around here, so why are you people preferring Ukraine over Moldova? i am honestly curious..

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