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06-21-2012, 01:05 AM
Let's see if anyone "bites"...

I've gotten my college transcripts/HS diploma Apostilled...however, I just called UCNE and the lady said I needed to take those documents to the Board of Education in my state to have them certified???? I've talked to her several times and it was the first time she's even mentioned this.

I've searched and searched this subject and I've found nothing...subsequently I ended up calling the Department of Education for my state (which is Florida) and they had no idea of what I was talking about and transfered me to school teachers certification...go figure...

Has anyone come across this issue...is it really required?

06-21-2012, 01:21 AM
Certified means that they check the certificates and the signatures on the certificates and confirm that they are not fake and the person who signed the certificates exists and is registered under some special register of people who sign education certificates. At least, I know that is what it means in the UK. The way I got my certificates apostilled and certified was by giving it to a solicitor who did both certification and apostille stamp. Some people call this certification 'notarisation', so if you call again, ask how you can get your certificates notarised, maybe someone will understand what you mean.

06-21-2012, 12:13 PM
Hello Yoma,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, then according to what you've explained my documents are certified as well since they had to be Notarized before the Department of State issued an Apostille.

Many Thanks!

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