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06-04-2012, 02:31 AM
The citizenship program is fundamentally an investment program offering citizenship status and related benefits to those who make significant investment to the nation’s real estate industry.

Every independent applicant needs to make a registration fee of $ 350, 000. Apart from this, if there is any additional family member, then they also need to make an amount of $ 15, 000. Added each dependant needs to be registered their names along with the main applicant. The lowest amount for real estate investment is $ 250, 000 and people who choose real estate investment are allowed to make the registration fee after acquiring their application for citizenship sanctioned by the government. Procedures related to purchase of land or property at St. Kitts should be made immediately once an applicant has achieved the necessary documents.

The application procedure includes identification in which applicants need to submit their birth certificates or any other identify card.

People who are over 12 years must need to go through an HIV examination. Besides this, main applicant and all dependents need to submit 2 of their passport sized photographs. St. Kitts has a fantastic landscape which is enough to make people stimulated to stay there for lifetime.

People can employ and enjoy their property at their own leisure and also make a good return on investment if they live in any other place. Citizens who want to sell their properties can be made it in a hassle-free manner because the country does not entail any confinements.

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