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05-25-2012, 08:01 AM
That school is going to close soon. Its run by an IT lady with no experience in education whatsoever. They have 2 visiting professors (great faculty) but just on the website and no students. The person in the office doesn't even know how many students they have. That means 0. You can't visit the campus until you set up an appointment with the owner, which means no one there. Thats the chat transcript of today. Pathetic. Hello, Visitor! Your chat history: 20:17:33 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly... 20:17:38 [Operator RC joined the chat] 20:17:41 RC: Hello, how may I help you? 20:18:00 Visitor: Is the school reopening? 20:18:23 RC: The school is open. 20:18:40 Visitor: but it was closed 20:19:08 RC: St. Martinus is under new management. 20:19:23 Visitor: and when did it reopen? 20:20:10 RC: Recently. 20:20:25 RC: Are you interested in the school? 20:20:35 Visitor: recently but when? 20:21:21 RC: Are you concerned about the school opening or attending. We our semester starting in January? 20:21:45 Visitor: but I need some information before attending 20:21:58 Visitor: is the school in operation now? 20:22:13 Visitor: and when did it start? 20:22:28 RC: The best to do is visit our website 20:23:13 Visitor: but there is no such information 20:24:41 RC: I am wondering if your are concerned about the school opening or attending? 20:25:46 Visitor: Im wondering about the school so I would like to get some information 20:26:04 Visitor: is it a problem to answer my questions? 20:26:51 RC: Not at all. I usually chat with someone that is wanting to attend St. Martinus. 20:27:43 Visitor: I can consider it too 20:27:57 Visitor: but I would like to get the information about the school first 20:28:11 RC: I will find out the answer to your question. I am fairly new here. 20:28:50 RC: Do you have an email address so I can contact you? 20:30:46 Visitor: sure, ******@*******.com 20:31:06 Visitor: and do you know at least how many students are there in Curacao? 20:31:34 Visitor: cause Im asking basic questions that everyone working for the school should know 20:31:37 RC: I will take to the registrar and ask that question. 20:32:06 Visitor: so you dont know how many students you have on campus? 20:32:44 RC: I'll find out the up to date count for you. 20:34:06 RC: Are you still there? 20:34:54 RC: I sent you an email. Did you receive it yet? 20:39:22 RC: Hello? 20:39:28 Visitor: let me check 20:39:54 RC: Thank you. 20:41:13 Visitor: I did receive it 20:42:53 Robert Castaneda: Great! 20:43:17 Visitor: but there was no information 20:43:24 RC: I'll find out the answer to your question or questions and email you the answer. 20:44:32 Visitor: and are there any students now in Curacao attending the school? 20:46:24 RC: Yes. 20:46:51 Visitor: but you dont know how many? 20:48:00 Visitor: or maybe you would know how many teachers you have on campus 20:48:33 RC: On our website I see 3. 20:48:53 Visitor: 3 teachers for the whole school??? 20:50:51 RC: We have submitted contracts to all potential professors and are will not post any names on the website until we have their contracts returned. 20:51:15 RC: Our website is the best medium to keep track of all of our updates. 20:52:17 Visitor: that I know but if there is something that is not there, I think thats why you have this chat service 20:52:35 RC: I understand and am happy to answer any of your questions 20:53:23 RC: Is there any additional questions I may be able to assist you with? 20:54:33 Visitor: and what are the office hours so I could visit the school? 20:55:03 RC: Our office hours are 9-5 EST. 20:55:18 Visitor: in Curacao? 20:56:00 RC: Yes and we would like to make arrangements specifically for you to show you the campus. When are you wanting to visit? 20:56:35 Visitor: I cant just come to the school to talk to the students? 20:57:59 RC: You are more than welcome to come and speak with our students on campus. 20:58:30 RC: However, the students have not yet been exposed to the new management and ownership. 20:58:51 Visitor: what do you mean? 20:59:15 RC: With the new management, the first semester will begin on Jan. 17th. 21:00:04 RC: To give you the best feel for what is in store, I would recommend setting up an appointment with a member of our new adminstrative team to answer any and all of your questions. 21:00:09 Visitor: so the current students are under the old management? 21:00:17 RC: That is correct. 21:00:54 Visitor: and who is the current manager there? 21:01:07 Visitor: so I can talk to the person 21:01:36 RC: You can speak with PS. 21:01:55 Visitor: thats the old manager right? 21:02:01 RC: No. That is the new manager. 21:02:35 RC: She is actually not a manager, but one of the owners. 21:02:42 Visitor: but you said the the new management will start Jan 17th 21:03:49 RC: I'm sorry...I think that you may have misunderstood. The new ownership has just taken over, and our first semester will begin on Jan. 17th. 21:04:24 RC: Is there a phone number we can call you at? 21:05:01 Visitor: so the current students are under new management? 21:05:43 RC: I think the best way to continue this conversation will be via telephone. Is there a phone number I can reach you at? 21:06:24 Visitor: I prefer to use the chat service Sir 21:07:47 RC: There seems to be considerable misunderstanding through chat, which is why I would like to speak in person with you to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed. If you are in Curacao, PS will be available to meet with you in person at 8am tomorrow. 21:08:35 Visitor: I will try to visit the school next week 21:09:35 R C: Perfect. In the interim, if you have questions, let's speak via phone or Skype, whichever is more convenient for you. 21:11:17 RC: I am logging out of this converstaion now. Again, I am more than happy to speak wth you via phone or Skype. Have a wonderful afternoon. 21:11:19 [Operator RC left the chat]

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