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05-22-2012, 08:33 PM
CMDA ( Christian Medical Dental Association ) exists to glorify God through the lives of students, physicians and other health care professionals who believe on Jesus as their personal savior and who take medicine not just as a profession but as a calling to something great and noble which is serving God through serving men.
CMDA works through many focuses and one of the major one being on students.
Students are benefitted through campus fellowships where they meet to support each other through prayers and also to encourage each other through the word of God. Students feel themselves to be a part of big and warm family.
Students also benefit through mentoring by Christian faculty members. And the mentoring is not just limited to the area of spirituality but also in their academic life.
For those students who want to explore the options of Missions and working in 3rd world nations of Asia and Africa, CMDA provides them with all the logistics and resources available in order to help them realize their dreams. And this may also include the entire expenses being covered for them including the air fares.
For those students who have taken student loans, CMDA provides networking for them with those mission agencies which pay off the loans for the students and in turn place the students/fresh graduates at their will to work in Christian Mission Hospitals in the much needed communities.
CMDA also provides scholarships and grants to highly motivated students in order to help them to study well without getting pressurized by the financial burdens.
For graduates, CMDA PROVIDES information for networking with like minded colleagues and other Christian Physicians in their areas.
CMDA helps the fresh post residency graduates in their placements. And help them with malpractice support. And keeps them updated in their information through the CMEs.
CMDA is very much focused and concerned to raise its voice at the disparities seen in different sections of population with regard to health care and CMDA through various avenues tries to provide the best possible medical care to the destitute and poor and that too with love and compassion. In this regard CMDA helps students and doctors to conduct free health care medical camps and also in starting mission hospitals in poor populations around the world.


“Big Brother Big Sister” (BBBS) program was the vision of SMU students. As new students arrive, either as freshman or transfer students, they are new to the island of Curacao or the school environment.

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