View Full Version : My Experience with SMU

05-22-2012, 09:12 PM

When meeting with the owner of SMU, I was greeted very professionally I looked at there campus (Which is rented) but it is more then 2 rooms. I researched the owners, which are successful businessmen they do not have the appearance of living pay check to pay check. The reputation of their other ventures is very solid. They do not offer student housing (Bummer) but they did assist me in finding a place within the budget I had. They also offer a student loan/deferment (Big Plus), which brings me to this point. If I am a student and I give you a loan, and I transfer to a competing business, before I release a transcript you have to make good on your loan that I gave you, the only asset I have as a business is your transcript. So you can stiff me for the money and start over or you can pay your bills and leave freely. This is basic business. When I graduated from my American program I had a $10.00 parking ticket, guess what, transcripts were held until it was paid. So the complaint about transcripts being held my question would be, Do You Owe Money?

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