View Full Version : SMU will be like SGU one day

05-22-2012, 07:51 PM
I have no qualms in saying that SMU will be like SGU one day. Why

SMUFOM is the only school that has clinicals in the island of curaçao. Only Dutch and SMUFOM students are approved for the clinicals in Curacao. None of the US schools or any other medical school in Nederland Antilles (including SABA) are eligible for clinicals in Curacao.

SMUFOM is the one of the three caribbean medical schools that is doing research in the field of medicine.

SMUFOM is the only Caribbean school whose credits are recognized by the US medical schools (yes US medical schools) as well as universities in the Nederland.

SMUFOM is the only medical university offering joint Phd degree in medicine with european universities .

SMUFOM has students practicing medicine in Nederland, Canada and US.
SMUFOM faculty involved in active research

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