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05-21-2012, 06:54 AM
Hey ya'll, I'm an A Level student with a few questions.

Planning to apply for fall 2013, as an international student. Giving A Level exams of biology, chemistry, Maths & physics right now. Predicted grades are 2A*'s and 2A's.:)

I'll be taking a gap year(ofc), not coz I want to but because of a few family troubles.

Anyhoo, firstly, does a gap year affect my chances of getting in a medical uni? And more importantly, what are my chances of getting in.my overall performance throughout high school has been good.

And do I need to giving any exams such as the UKCAT?? Can it be given outside UK?

Lastly, scholarships... Financial aid . I guess. This question has been asked before but for my own satisfaction ill ask it again :D
International students who have obtained any kind of scholarship??or if u know someone who knows someone with one? Any kind, private or corporate???that ill be eligible for..as in international student ....doesnt have to be 100% but atleast 50% and above....

Hope to get tons of replys:) coz thts all I can do...

Kind regards,

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