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05-20-2012, 11:05 AM
The white coat ceremony is a rite of passage as students embark on the journey of their medical education. It is a special moment that every incoming student looks forward to. The white coat ceremony is held a few weeks after the start of the semester every term. This ceremony marks the studentís transition into medical school. The formal ďrobingĒ of the white coat is a sacred moment. In this moment, students dedicated themselves to the life of medicine and take the student medical oath. Students promise to uphold the medical ethics and pledge their upmost effort to acquire all the knowledge and skills in order to become a successful doctor.
The Class of 2015 Initiation White Coat Ceremony was held on January 20, 2012 at 6:00pm. The program of events took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Curacŗo. Our guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and drinks as guests met and greeted before the start of the program. The master and mistress of ceremony were P** S*** and S** W**, second semester students. Because Curacŗo graciously allowed our school the opportunity to study on such a beautiful island, the school pays homage to the island by singing the Curacao National Anthem at every white coat ceremony. The keynote speaker was Minister El Hakim of Economic Affairs of Curacao. The minister gave words of encouragement, advise, and extended his wisdom as the students embark on the journey of their medical career. Dr. S. K., a professor and one the schoolís deans, explained the importance of the medical student oath before reciting the medical student oath with the students as well as explaining the importance of maintaining medical ethics. After presentation of awards where given, Mr. J B, Director of Admissions, made closing remarks. The students really enjoyed the ceremony and it will be a memory that will last forever.
Every year at the white coat ceremony, presentations of awards are given. The R.K. S. Award of Excellence is an award that older semester students look forward to being presented. This award is presented to one student who also receives a full scholarship for the semester for highest grade point average in the school. This award is given to show appreciation for the studentís efforts, hard work, and dedication to academics. Mr. Y. G. received this semesterís R.K. S. Award of Excellence. Also presented is the award for the Big Brother Big Sister Mentorship Program. This award is awarded to the big brother or big sister who is voted by new incoming students for the welcome and aid the provided as new students transition into medical school. The Big Brother Big Sister Mentorship Award was awarded to Miss A A. These awards inspire other students to work hard academically and also help others feel welcome so they will have a chance to receive awards at next semesterís ceremony.

05-21-2012, 12:48 PM
Congratulation Miss AA

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