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05-20-2012, 10:24 AM
St. Martinus University is located in the city of Otrobanda on the island of Curacao, N.A. School utilizes a wing of a historic monastery that was dedicated to education for the past 150 years. The campus has administration offices on the ground and the second floor where students can access the faculty and the administration throughout the day. School boasts a library on the ground floor with many of the medical textbooks available for the students to use and borrow during their time at SMUFOM.

Currently there are 5 classrooms located on both floors, all equipped with high-quality projectors, dry-erase whiteboards and air-conditioning. Two of the main classrooms can seat 40 students comfortably. Each grade (Premedical through MD4) is assigned classrooms at the beginning of the semester, and they maintain that classroom throughout the term. This ensures that students feel comfortable in their environment while tackling the workload of the medical school.

Anatomy laboratory and clinical medicine labs are located on the ground floor and are capable of accommodating students and cadavers. Two other high-capacity classrooms are currently under renovation to meet the growing demand for additional students who join the Martinus family.

Campus is fully wireless for easy Internet access with power plugs in each classroom to meet the demand of the new age, technologically advanced students and to ensure comfort for all students. Campus is connected to the Internet through the state of the art fiber-optic line. Public network available printer and copier are also available to the student to print any additional notes they may need. All the lectures are distributed electronically to the students, which allows them to utilize different tools that they may prefer to study the materials.

05-21-2012, 03:12 PM
The school admin dont lie and tell it the way it is.

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