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05-20-2012, 10:12 AM
Considering that not many people get the opportunity to be selected as a Teaching Assistant (TA), it is indeed a privilege for me to be asked to tutor the following pre-medical courses under the direction of Dr. G*** B***; Anatomy and Medical Terminology at St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine. Although I have had some tutoring experience at the college level, I initially respectfully decline this offer because of the challenge and demand it entails. However, the methodological support from Dr. B* and Mr. J** V**, and also the studious collaboration from pre-med students definitely make my life easier and I am very glad and thankful for that.

Being a TA at the medical school level gives me a broader outlook on the academic information I provide when assisting other students in learning the course material. I must say, it is indeed surprising how much more I learn daily by preparing and teaching the courses even though I have already taken the class. Also it has helped strengthened and improved my communication skills. Furthermore, I realize that working as a team helps the student better understand and motivates them to learn the material being presented. This experience gives me fresh insights about teaching.

However, being a medical student myself I am facing some technical challenges in regards to my time management skills in the aspect of juggling my studies with preparing the pre-med lectures. I thank God for being able to have been committed thus far.
The positive feedbacks from the students constitute an extra motivation to continue perfecting my task. A proverb I was learned, “Even a small stream possesses big fishes in it, all that requires is for you to throw out your net to catch them”. We all have unique skills and knowledge we can contribute to science for the service of our fellow human beings.

05-21-2012, 03:16 PM
I understand there are some research opportunities as well.

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