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05-20-2012, 10:01 AM
The Curacao regatta 2012 took place in the Spanish water on 6th and 7th of April. St. Martinus University faculty of Medicine was represented for the first time in the competition in the school’s history and history was made. St. Martinus managed to get a total of three boats of 3 persons each in the Centaur class and all St. Martinus’ boats did well in the race. In the Spanish Water the competition was held between the smaller boats for example Centaurs and Optimists, whereas the bigger sailboats were competing in the sea’s open water and the total number of people in the race reached 104. The School was represented by Professor ****** as skipper of one of the boats and P**** as skipper on the winning boat in the Centaur small kil class. The most important factor for those two days was to have fun on the water, which I think we all did. During the regatta the weather conditionings were perfect, a little brise a lot of sun during that extended weekend was equal to a good time for the St. Martinus team. The race consisted of three heats pr. day for two days over a 5 N.mil route.
Looking back on the race, Curacao regatta is a very good way to experience the sociality and comradery that takes place on the water with very experienced sailors and those who cannot remember how to pull up a sail like myself and how they all work together as a team to get the maximum output of their boats. My experience and what I learned from the race is that teamwork is a very important factor, no matter what you do in life, whether it is medicine or being in competition with others, teamwork is a part of the puzzle in order to do well. In conclusion, the regatta gave me two very good and long days on the sea in good company with 104+ persons and good memories from something outside the medicine world. Apart from being on the first St. Martinus sailboat team I felt good getting the opportunity some exposure for St. Martinus University on the open water wearing my St. Martinus shirt and cap.
To summarize the event of Curacao regatta, is that it is definitely worth to participate in and hoping the students of St. Martinus in the future will join so they will get this great chance of doing something fun as well as competing against others with the same passion for watersports.

05-21-2012, 03:18 PM
How is MSC coming along?

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