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05-18-2012, 12:46 AM
St. Kitts economic citizenship (http://www.kittitianhill.com/st-kitt...c-citizenship/) is a government run investment plan, founded in 1984. From the establishment, this plan is regarded as the oldest citizenship by investment plan of this type in the entire world. The government of St. Kitts has developed a Federation for the plan, and employing the program to achieve the attention of successful investors to make a substantial donation to the development of St. Kitts. Investors are giving with the chance to apply for citizenship and second passport within the strict regulations and guidelines of the country law.

For getting qualified for the investment program, government ask investors to make an investment in any good real estate properties with a minimum value of $350, 000 together with charges of different registration and due diligence fees. Beside this, people can also put money in SIDF as donation of among $ 200, 000 – $ 400, 000, and this depends on the amount of depending applicants admitted in the application. People who look most at the real estate option will be asked to pay the buying costs of about 10% of the buying value and the administration fees of $ 35, 000 for all single applicants plus $ 15, 000 for all dependants, and beside this, it includes $ 3, 500 as due diligence fees for all adults admitted in the application, and processing fees which changes according to the cases.

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