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04-29-2012, 07:59 PM
What is the best way to get books for Semester 1? I'm sure it's cheapest way to get them is from Sem 2 students, but is that a reliable method? I mean...that will take a couple days to do. Do students need their books right away? Or is is better to pay the expensive prices at the University book store?

The first day for the May semester is May 7th and I arrive May 5th. Will I be okay?? Is that a good way to go? Or should I just get them online as more expensive?

04-30-2012, 12:47 AM
Don't pay for university book store. Buy them off an upper semester during the first week, or take the book list to the library in the first day or 2 after you have received your student ID and check them all out from the library. You can keep renewing them all semester so you never actually have to buy books, the trick is getting a copy of each book before they are all checked out.

The only reason you should ever buy textbooks from university bookstore is if you have a need for perfect books with no writing, and even then I would look at eBay first.

04-30-2012, 01:33 AM
Then everyone would wanna check them out too, right? Is that the best way to go? Does the library not place a hold on em if someone else wants em? Oh, and I PMed you.

04-30-2012, 09:51 AM
You can place a hold on library books at any time. Then the next person who tries to renew a book you want (books are renewed weekly) has to relinquish it.

Talk to your mentor about what books she or he recommends. You can buy them for peanuts from upper semester students. If you can't buy a book that you need, then take it out from the library.

Don't stress about books.

05-01-2012, 01:13 PM
In my experience, there has NEVER been a shortage of books to buy on campus from other students. Seriously. Mount Scenery will erupt, spewing forth cupcakes and small furry animals, before you ever face a shortage of books, ESPECIALLY first-semester books. Everyone buys them in massive quantities, and then doesn't know what to do with them afterwards, and sells them for pennies to the next incoming class. Be the one that pays pennies, not the one desperately trying to recover some of the cost later.

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