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04-08-2012, 08:28 AM
Hey guys. I'm sorry about posting slightly different and longer topic here, but I have some important questions. I tried to google it, of course, but it's not very easy to assemble an image about doctor's life in Australia just by reading non corresponding forum topics or government papers. So I hope some of you might find a few minutes to help me answer my questions.

I'm a med student from Czech Republic, Charles University in Prague. I'd love to move to one of Australia's big cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide). But I don't know how it works there for fresh post-graduates. Let me tell you how it works here. I'm ending the university next year with an MUDr. degree (the same as M.D.). Then I'd need to get a job at some bigger hospital which would allow me to enter a training program (it's like a regular job, you work, you get paid, you have significant amount of responsibility etc.). I chose neurosurgery, which is 2 years of general surgery (exam) and 5 years of neurosurgery (exam).

I heard about two possibilities I though they're fair - I either ask for conditional registration and I start a training program just like every other australian post graduate (which would be 8 years instead of 7 years back home) or I find some place looking for doctors and I start there as a registrar, they'd ask for my conditional registration as an overseas trainee. What does that mean - registrar - can I get this position as a fresh post graduate? And these two possibilities, is it really truth?

I've been also practicing my skills and educating myself at a neurology dpt. here by assisting many surgeries for almost a year now. (it's something like a habit here, when a student wants to get a nice place, he needs to show some interest). So I'm going to have 2 years of practice by the time I finish my studies. I also spent one summer at UQCCR and I don't think passing a language exam would be a problem, so I guess these things might help me to get a decent place.. or?

Do I have a real chance to get a job in some of those cities and what's my best shot? Does a trainee get paid enough to get by? Is there some other possibility I should consider or some actions I should take that would increase my chances?

Thanks a lot for everybody's time! I hope I'll meet some of you at work.

04-19-2012, 09:56 PM
My sister is a nurse in Perth (the most expensive cities in Australia) and she is doing good there hence; I think a doctor would do better there. You have a great portfolio under your sleeve and I think you have a 100% chance of excelling in hospitals in Australia. Best of luck!

12-06-2012, 04:08 AM
you'll get in anywhere with that

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