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03-28-2012, 12:12 PM
Please see the website listed below for a more in depth description of the vessel.
Areyto: AREYTO IS FOR SALE!!! (http://areytoadventures.blogspot.com/p/areyto-is-for-sale.html)
I won't repeat too much of what it all ready on the above site. But here are a few basics:
The boat just completed a great 4 month cruise from St. ****** to Grenada. I have completed my dream of sailing the eastern Caribbean and am now looking to sell the boat. She is a great 30 footer for living aboard and/or long term cruising for one or two people. She can fit 4 or 5 for a weekend. She comes equipped with just about everything aboard during our island hoping cruise from St. ****** to Grenada. A turnkey operation. You could literally go to Grenada, provision, put the sails on, top up the tanks and start your Caribbean cruise. I spent the last 4 years preparing the boat for long term cruising and she is well equipped with everything you'll need and nothing you don't for long term comfortable cruising.

The boat is a custom design built in Puerto Rico in the early 1980s. I purchased her in the mid 2000s and COMPLETELY rebuilt her.
All new electrical system
New mast and standing rigging
All halyards replaced
Interior completly gutted and rebuilt
Most sails are in like new condition and less then 2 years old
Less than one year old awlgrip on the hull
I am a Mechanical Engineer by education, have worked in hotel maintenance for the Ritz-Carlton for the last 7 years, and have been boating/sailing/and fixing boats since I can remember. The quality of the workmanship aboard is excellent and a current out of the water survey is reflective of build quality and system design. The survey valued her at $28,000 in the current market, but I'm will to take less for her as I am moving on in my life and would like to see her in the hands of a new owner soon. Please feel free to e-mail me or call with any questions. She is a great little cruiser/racer that I've enjoyed rebuilding and sailing over the last 4 years or so. I'm just ready for a new chapter in life and can't afford to keep her now that I'm no longer living in the Caribbean.

Again. Check out the website I made and you can get more details. There are also links to the blog I did on our sail down from St. ******.
Areyto: AREYTO IS FOR SALE!!! (http://areytoadventures.blogspot.com/p/areyto-is-for-sale.html)
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