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fartz smell
08-24-2004, 10:32 AM
i hope this email doesn't sound negative b/c it's not meant to be. i trying to decide if i will apply next yr. i want to get students feed back from the experience with the program.



has everyone/most ppl THAT YOU KNOW passed usmle 1? step 2?

how many attempts are ppl taking before they pass?

anyone unhappy about the decision to go to lodz AFTER taking the usmle?

any other reasons why you are unhappy or happy about your decision to go to lodz?

do you recommend others go lodz and why?

thanks everyone for participating. i'm sure that this will benefit many ppl who review this post and hopefully someone from each of the foriegn med schools will do something similar regarding their school in order for transfer and prospective students to get the information that they need to make informed decisions.

if you are not able to pass the usmle what's the use of going to med school? many pple who don't pass get jobs in a law firm as researchers to sue you! this info will force schools to compete openly on usmle pass rates b/c who going to go to a schhol where ppl are not passing the usmle? NO SCHHOL WILL WILLING PUBLISH USMLE PASS RATE. STUDENTS MUST BE WILLING TO POST THE INFO REGARDING THEIR SCHOOL (NOT ANOTHER SCHOOL'S) TO EMPOWER STUDENTS.

thanks again,

fartz smell ---don't you agree?

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