View Full Version : Research project will pay $30/hour

02-03-2012, 09:44 PM
Hi guys
I am a board certified Radiologist and I graduated in 1997 from St.George's. Radiology is a great specialty and I would highly recommend it. I am doing a research project about Caribbean medical schools(I get a lot of calls from pre-meds and med students for advice and finally decided it was time to formalize it into a project) and I am looking to interview medical students via skype for this project. I am paying $30/hour for your time(looking for quality people and I can afford it). For more details I have set up an information line you can call 24 hours a day at 847-737-3566. You will find more detailed instructions there. You can also send me an inbox message. I just joined this website, so I am posting to a few random Caribbean medschool fourms.

good luck to you guys in your studies. Believe me there is gold at the end of the rainbow and all of your struggles are well worth the effort. Also, if you are thinking about going into a specialty, don't give up that dream. You just need one spot.


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