View Full Version : The new constitution and schools

01-20-2012, 05:53 AM
Hungary adopted a new constitution which is a real heavy hand on legislation, media, central bank and social life. Victor Orban is called nowadays "Victator" and the new regulations give an impression of rather a communist regime. Everything is taken under the control of government and regarding the new laws, from homosexuals to homelesses everybody out of the "approved citizen" profile can be jailed.

With these new constitutional developments, which cant be undone easily (or at all!), the ties between Hungary and EU got tense and they got a warning from Brussels about sanctions.

Also we know that whenever conditions get hard, humans get together around conservative values, they kinda huddle. Its now seen in EU countries as well that there is a rise in righ in politics, namely France and Hungary.

Besides I was constantly hearing from the intl. students in Hungarian med schools an "arrogance" perception: As its expressed in the words of a guy, "in Hungary they can never be wrong. If there is something wrong, its definitely because of you, not a Hungarian." So this may give them a more rigid stance in their internal matters.

Regarding all those, is it safe to have education in Hungary? Or in better words, may all those factors have a negative effect on international students, directly or indirectly?

Any insight?