View Full Version : FOR SALE : 1992 Toyota Corona - $2000 OBO

01-19-2012, 02:02 PM
1992 Toyota Corona - $2,000US OBO

All 4 engine mounts were just replaced 1/14/2012. The engine is very stable. Smooth driving!

The oil change was done on 1/15/2012.

What has been replaced?
-Car battery (1/7/2011)
-Radiator (1/9/2011)
-Front brakes (1/25/2011)
-License plate (2/16/2011)
-Gas coil (3/20/2011)
-Fuel filter (6/22/2011)
-2 Belts (7/4/2011)
More good stuff:
-Wheel tax does not need to be paid until March 2012
-This car comes with a spare (a donut) and everything you need to change a tire! ^-^
-AC and all 4 windows work!
-He goes up hills with no problems!

Please email jvan64 (at) att.net if you are interested in this car or want more information.

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