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12-19-2011, 10:45 PM
Hi All! It's almost time for the next semester. Orientation will begin at 9:00 am on January 9, 2012. Please remember it is mandatory for all students. It will be exciting to see everyone back! We are expecting many new students, so it is going to be a fabulous semester for everyone! We will cover all of the important information necessary for a successful semester that morning- plus we have some cool stuff and lunch for you too! Then we will have an afternoon bus tour to allow the chance for all of the new students to become familiar with Curacao. Classes will start Tuesday, Jan. 10. (New students: please be sure and review the documents you will need for your student visas: bring with you: apostilled birth certificates (get thru Secretary of State) and your police clearance letter.
Tip: Be SURE to bring some scrubs. Most of us wear them to school daily. They are comfortable, professional and meet the dress code. (I wore them most of last semester and they sure made my days more comfortable for sure!!)

Just as an update for many of you that do not know some of the great things that happened last semester and some of the things you have to look forward to this semester:
CMU is proud to be the first and only medical school to establish a mobile clinic! Our mobile clinic enabled us to do health clinics for over 200 people this past semester. It was so successful that it has been requested that we establish regular monthly clinics going forward.
CMU is also proud to announce our state of the art anatomy lab. Our students were able to take part in detailed cadaver dissections.
We also started a book buy-back program which proved very successful, so many of you may find the books you need already at school! Our bookstore selection is growing with some great apparel and fun stuff!
We have also been approved for our CMU AMSA Charter. It will be awarded in March.

If you want to see the pictures of our Mobile Clinic, State of the Art Anatomy Lab, Dorm Rooms, White Coat, Orientation, and various other activities (Welcome Party and Midterm Party and MD4 Farewell Party) visit our CMU facebook site.

One of the most exciting things being implemented in all of the upcoming CMU semesters is PBL (Problem Based Learning). This allows us to focus and train on the critical clinical thinking that will be required for the USMLE and as practicing physicians. I know this will be extremely helpful and is a training tool that many of the top US schools utilize to insure top performance by their students. As a MD4, I am particularly excited about our in depth Physical Diagnostics class. This is really going to be a great semester!

CMU continues all of the other great benefits it has for its students: Dorms that include ALL of the utilities, wireless internet, cable TV, water and trash in its rent! CMU also has a bus that provides free transportation to and from school everyday. ALSO: our brand new dorms are also open! They are ON campus, include all expenses, come complete with: beach across the street, fitness center, cafes, ATM, bank, post office, convenience stores, car rental, and fitness center!
We also have student loans available. I think that the majority of our students qualified and received loans to help cover tuition and living expenses. Our tuition is one of the most reasonable available for basic sciences and in particularly the Clinical Rotations.

We are happy to announce we now have our first graduates! Congratulations graduates! We have a good number of students now in their clinical rotations and a group preparing now to take their step. We also excited to report that CMU just signed on two more hospitals which will allow ALL of your rotations to be done at their location verses moving around.

We hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years with your families. We will look forward to seeing you soon! :p

06-18-2012, 02:35 PM
Heartbeat, we miss you here

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